You Can Wirelessly Charge Your Electric Vehicle On This Circuit

Could this be the answer to solving range anxiety?


The biggest concern regarding electric vehicles in recent times is range anxiety with charging infrastructure still not as mainstream as needed. But what if you can simply recharge your batteries wirelessly while on the move? Well the recently inaugurated Arena del Futuro Circuit allows just that. This 1.05km circuit is situated near Chiari Ovest, Italy and is powered by an electric output of 1 KW. 

So how is wireless charging possible? Well, the circuit comes equipped with a DWPT (Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer) system in which the EVs charge wirelessly by driving in wired lanes, with special turns installed under the tarmac. It is done by the EV being equipped with a special receiver that transfers incoming energy from the road infrastructure to the battery.  The road surface itself has been optimized to not alter the efficiency of the inductive charge.

Currently, the company has already put the Fiat 500 and the Iveco E-Way bus through its paces on this circuit and have claimed to have covered plenty of distance with positive results. 

While this solution is a very interesting idea to combat range anxiety and charging infrastructure issues, it would take a very long time to implement it on public roads considering the scale of work required to install this tech. And by the time they've successfully installed it, EVs by then might even surpass the age-old internal-combustion-engined models in range.


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