Top 5 Most Affordable e-Cycles in India

  • Oct 25, 2022
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Looking for an eco-friendly runabout that also helps you stay fit?

Most affordable e-cycles in India

Not everyone in the market is out to buy a fancy, fully equipped electric bicycle with a massive battery with enough juice to take one to Mars and back. Some have basic requirements and don’t see the point in splurging for short commutes. If you fit into this target group, we have you covered. We’ve listed down five of the most affordable e-cycles that offer the most bang for your buck. 

Hero Lectro Electric C3: Rs 28,999

Hero Lectro’s portfolio offers several options in the entry-level e-cycle segment. The most affordable of them all is the Hero Lectro Electric C3. While it’s basic, it offers a decent set of equipment for the price. For starters, the C3 comes with road-biased tyres, a disc up front for better braking, a comfy seat and a single-drivetrain. It’s powered by a 250W rear hub motor and a 5.8Ah Lithium-ion battery capable of returning a claimed range of up to 30km on pedal assist and 25km relying purely on the throttle. If your commute and cycling routine doesn’t exceed 30km, the C3 makes a lot of sense.   

BattRE Electric Mobility Newtron: Rs 29,900

Next up is the BattRE Electric Mobility Newtron. It commands a small premium of around Rs 900 over the Hero C3, but offers a lot more for the price. Its biggest selling point is convenience. A detachable battery allows you to charge the pack through a simple 5A socket, no matter where you are. What customers may also appreciate are disc brakes at both ends, dual-purpose tyres and a front suspension, which makes it perfect for Indian roads riddled with potholes. 

BattRE Electric Mobility Kross: Rs. 35,700

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The BattRE Electric Mobility Kross steps it up a notch. It’s the first bike on the list to offer a 21-speed drivetrain, offering better usability on different terrain. And in the typical MTB sense, you also get a slightly more rigid frame, dual-purpose tyres, front suspension and dual disc brakes for better anchorage. Five levels of pedal assist should give you more flexibility on your daily rides. All this comes in quite cheap, making it a go-to option for budget buyers. 

Lectro Electric C8: Rs. 36,999

Pushing your budget a bit more could get you the Lectro Electric C8 – a hybrid e-cycle. Of course, the higher premium brings with it some extra goodies as well. For instance, the C8 features a front suspension, disc brakes at both ends, a seven-speed drivetrain, slimmer, hence lighter tyres and a front LED light as standard. Its electric setup is pretty much the same as the C3 and C5. The rear hub motor and Lithium-ion battery work in tandem to offer up to 30km of range on pedal assist and 25km on throttle. The battery can be fully charged in less than four hours. 

Essel Energy GET 1: Rs. 37,500 - 39,500

The Essel Energy GET 1 ticks all the right boxes If you’re looking for the comfort of a scooter with the convenience of pedal power. But that isn’t the only talking point. Firstly, it’s much more practical thanks to the extra storage space. The GET 1 has a pillion seat, you also have a projector headlight, and a taillight for added safety. The fact that you could treat the GET 1 like a conventional e-scooter and switch to pedal power if necessary makes it much cooler than the other options on this list. 

Bigger 11Ah and 13Ah battery options mean you could get up to 50km per charge from the GET 1. We’d say that’s more than enough for most users. Since it’s pegged as a low-speed EV, it doesn’t require a licence either.

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