Bounce Infinity E1X and E1+X With Swappable Battery Launched From Rs 55,000

  • May 28, 2024
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Deliveries will be from June 2024

Bounce Infinity E1X and E1+X electric scooters with swappable batteries have been launched at Rs 55,000 and Rs 59,000 (ex-showroom) respectively. These are positioned under the E1 electric scooters that have a removable battery which can be charged at home or office.

What is the price of the Bounce Infinity E1 range? 



E1X (new)

Rs 55,000 (excluding battery)

E1+X (new)

Rs 59,000 (excluding battery)


Rs 1,12,125


Rs 1,25,615


Rs 1,09,605

(All prices ex-showroom, Delhi)

What motor does the Bounce E1X have and what is the top speed of Bounce E1X? 

The E1X has a 1.1kW motor with a 55kmph claimed top speed, while the E1+X has a 1.5kW motor with a claimed top speed of 65kmph. 

What is the range of Bounce E1X?

The E1X has a range of up to 90km while the E1+X has up to 80km (both ARAI claimed). Bounce is claiming a running cost of up to Rs 1.5/km, depending on the swapping network charges. Each battery weighs in at 14.2kg, so they’re not exactly light.

What kind of chassis, suspension and brakes, does the Bounce E1X have? 

The e-scooter has a telescopic fork and twin shock absorbers, along with 12-inch alloy wheels. However the E1+X has a wider 120-section tyre (E1X has a 90-section) at the rear, which should make it more stable. The front wheel has a 220mm disc, while the rear has a 204mm disc, with CBS.

The e-scooters have a 93kg kerb weight, including the battery. The 155mm ground clearance is decent for a scooter. At 780mm, the seat height is accessible too.

What are the Bounce E1X Features?

Both the e-scooters have three riding modes – eco, power, and turbo. The feature list includes all-LED lighting, a digital instrument cluster, hill-start assist, and reverse and cruise control. The underseat storage is 12 litres, which is not much. But this is because the battery pack eats into the storage space. 

Zig Says

With swappable batteries, the riders need not worry about the long charging times that mass-market EVs generally require. Battery swapping is quicker than filling up a petrol tank but the catch is that the heavy batteries need some effort swapping. Also, the battery swapping stations are much sparser than charging stations, making it difficult at this nascent stage. However as the network grows, battery swapping will allow users a seamless experience, especially for those who don’t want to indulge in charging the batteries themselves. While the Bounce Infinity E1X sounds excellent in theory, its success is very much dependent on the growth of swapping networks in the country. 

Moreover, excluding the battery pack from the price of an electric scooter makes it a lot more affordable. The flip side is that the owner will have no control over the cycles in the battery pack, so the range may not be consistent. Bounce says that they are working on a faster, 92kmph variant for export markets, which is a pretty bold move considering they have only 62 dealerships in the country at the moment. 

Bounce Infinity E.1 Video Review

Bounce Infinity E.1
Bounce Infinity E.1
Rs. 59,000
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