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  • Q. What is the seating capacity of Alto K10. My budget is Rs 3-4 lakh please advice which one is the best option between New Alto, Alto 800, Alto K10 & New Wagon R. please also suggest the best Variant in both CNG and Petrol.
    Ranganathan | 3 months ago

    If budget is strictly 3-4 lakh on road price then only new alto, old alto 800, alto K10, Renault Kwid, Redigo are your total options. With the hope that you are not going at high speeds and will keep a watch on fuel consumption, alto K10 is the best option. The new alto has safety features but is not fuel efficient, Wagon R will be beyond your budget. The old alto 800 is also a bargain buy assuming you still get it officially.

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    Priyank | 2 months ago

    If you are from hilly areas and you want go with 2 3 or 4. members of your family go with k10 because if u drive it and drive wagon r u will feel difference WagonR slightly wake up from sides if u are turning at higher speeds go for petrol if you need more power less power cng needs car for city and for 5 members go for WagonR and if less members go for k10

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  • Q. What is the Ground clearance ?Dose it have Power window rear and front?
    Zigwheels | 6 months ago

    The Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 hatchback has a ground clearance of just 160mm. Alto has the only front power window.

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    Dushmanta | 6 months ago

    Sufficient ground clearance

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  • Q. What K10 (K & 10 separately) stands for
    Somnath | 7 months ago

    Hey it's a nice question. The name is derived from the engine this car uses. The main difference between Alto K10 and Alto 800 is the engine. The engine belongs to Maruti K series i.e K10B so probably Maruti has named the car. K stands for the K series motor and 10 for it's having a 1 liter engine. Similarly swift used K12 engine and it's a 1.2 liter 4 cylinder. Hope this address your concerns

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    Ankur | 7 months ago

    K for Kappa and 10 to mention 1000 cc

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  • Q. What are the dimensions?
    Zigwheels | 12 months ago

    It has a ride height of 160mm and has a wheelbase of 2360mm. The Length, Width and Height of Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 is 3545mm, 1515mm and 1475mm respectively.

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    Sanjib | 1 month ago

    Need to check but it is good

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  • Q. आल्टो की लम्बाई फूट मे बताये - Alto K10?
    Zigwheels | 4 days ago

    The length of the Alto K10 is 11.6 feet.

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  • Q. Alto K10 CNG mein aati hai ya nahi, aur wheel covers aate hai yaa nahi?
    Shantanu | 9 months ago

    It comes in CNG also, you may buy wheel cover, from the dealership,or from outside vendor

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  • Q. How much is the Alto K10 fuel capacity?
    Gokul | 1 year ago

    35 litres of petrol.

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  • Q. Maruti alto k10 length, breath and height ?
    Zigwheels | 11 months ago

    Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 has length, height and width of 3545mm, 1475mm and 1490mm. It has a ride height of 160mm and wheel base is 2360mm.

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  • Q. Is Alto k10 good for long drive?
    RJ | 9 months ago

    Yaa you can take it for long drives ,we have taken our alto from bihar to kerala almost 3000kms,but you should check tyres and all maintenance before going for a long drive

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    Sawmtea | 5 months ago

    My alto k10 4 people and lots of luggage, 500 km without any complain from the engine. And yes i was surprised too

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  • Q. How is the performance and pick up for Auto transmission?
    Zigwheels | 10 months ago

    The engine is a K10B unit borrowed from the WagonR. A 1 litre, 3 cylinder unit - it generates 68PS of power and 90Nm of torque. No, it doesn’t really sound like a lot - but that is until you factor in the weight of the car. The car doesn’t really weigh a lot, giving it a power-to-weight ratio that matches most B segment hatches. That 90Nm of torque is available at 3500rpm and the peak power is developed only at the redline i.e 6000rpm. What this means is you really have to have a leadfoot to make the K10 run fast. Now, this engine and gearbox combo is available on the bigger Celerio as well. But the gearbox is slightly better tuned on the Alto compared to the Celerio. As with all AMTs, the shifts are jerky - both up and down the gears. The gearbox is slightly hesitant to downshift at times as well, holding on to that higher gear, inadvertently lugging the car in the process. Thankfully, it does snap into its senses in a bit and downshifts. You can always avoid all of this hassle and shift on your own by slotting the gear lever into M. You now pull the lever back to upshift and push the lever forward to downshift. This is the exact opposite of what you might be used to, say, with a DSG box - but you’d adapt to it pretty easily. Even in manual, the vehicle will automatically downshift if it senses it is in too high a gear for the revvs or the speed. But it does let you take the revv needle all the way upto the redline. Speaking of the twisties, the steering is beautifully direct. It is a light unit and doesn’t weigh up much on the highways. While it doesn’t really inspire confidence at 100kph, it is a boon for those quick u-turns and parking is a cakewalk as well.

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    Kunal | 7 months ago

    I think if you driving daily in city traffic then automatic is the best choice for you or if you are driving occasionally means not using daily then you go for manual it was the best option and you'll feel best

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