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  • Q. Which is better Splendor Plus, Shine Sp or Pulsar 150?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    The Bajaj Pulsar 150 still remains a great option if you’re looking for an entry-level 150cc motorcycle. The motor offers likeable performance with a hint of brashness which made the Pulsar brand so popular among the youth, and being a Bajaj offering, it has been priced aggressively as well. The styling could have been better and build quality in the long run needs to improve, but it still remains a well-rounded motorcycle. Whereas, Honda Shine SP is one of the best looking 125cc bikes out there. The bike handles well, and the motor is refined and spunky. Overall, the Shine SP boasts good levels of fit and finish, and given Honda's penchant for making reliable bikes, is almost a no-brainer. Whereas, The Hero Splendor Plus has been one of, if not the, most iconic motorcycles in India. The motorcycle has, over the years, proved its worth by being the reliable motorcycle that it is. Click on the link to compare: https://bit.ly/2CcFSHh

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  • Q. Is Splendor plus good to buy or not?
    Himangshu | 9 months ago

    Average! Its good for long running and daily uses. So, by this perspective is good.But, If you see power than there is lack of expectations, not so good.

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  • Q. I have one year old Splendor Plus. I want to travel 400 km in one day. Is it possible with this Splendor Plus which is only 97 cc engine.
    Gajendra | 6 months ago

    If I ride for two hours i.e 100 km then takes 30 minutes break ( do off the bike engine) then after 30 minutes again rides for 2 hours (100) then takes 30 minutes rest. This is how I complete my 400 km. Can I use my splendor plus with 97 cc engine.

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  • Q. Is it good for long future and mileage - Splendor Plus?
    Kiran | 8 months ago

    Yes as per my experience. If you maintain well every bike will give best mileage as per the engine capacity. You should regularly check this things Average speed Regular oil change Air pressure

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  • Q. Which bike is best for long ride and for out of station drive between HF Deluxe i3s and Splendor Plus i3s?
    Mohit | 9 months ago

    Both are good but you cannot do long ride on these bike... I would prefer you splendor + 13s because it more eye catchy then HF deluxe with same spec (19-20 difference)

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  • Q. My dream bike is KTM Duke but I have a Splendor it is good or bad?
    Siva | 2 months ago

    KTM is very luxury bike Low mileg but parpomenc is good

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  • Q. Can this bike run 300 kilometers a day - Splendor Plus?
    Mohit | 8 months ago

    Ya ..easily.. it will never make u down bro...u just have to give rest after 150km ...even seat is comfortable but u cannot ride continually ...because it feeing back pain in long ride...little but ..

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  • Q. स्प्लेंडर प्लस और बजाज सिटी हंड्रेड में कौन सी लॉन्ग लाइफ है - Splendor Plus?
    Ravinder | 1 month ago

    स्पलेंडर प्लस ठोस, टिकाऊ , मजबूत और good looking model ..........

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  • Q. I am going to travel 100km for my marketing job, will Hero Splendor Plus be the best option?
    Manohar | 5 months ago

    I suggest you to go for Shine Model coz, quality of splendor is not as before and to run a 100km you should also consider performance, riding comfort and Mileage too.Since its on heavy usage 1) Shine is good in Riding, Quality, performance, Mileage & Comfort2) Splendor is good in Riding, Mileage and Comfort.

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  • Q. Which bike suitable for marketing business in terms of mileage and performance - Splendor Plus?
    Nagamahesh | 7 months ago

    If your hight is less than 5"10 you can buy splendour plus and please check the tyres which brand.these days dealers giving bad tyres .if you are tall like 6 feet go for Yamaha saluto RX. Both bikes give good mileage.bofore purchase take a test ride min 15 KM from your friend nighbour and see how you feel .its important to make sure its comfortable for you .

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    Hero Splendor Plus Mileage & Performance FAQs

    Q. What is the mileage of Hero Splendor Plus?
    A. The Hero Splendor Plus gives a mileage of 80.6 Kmpl.
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