• Q. Is it possible to get a self start with bullet 350 standard engine? And if I have to install it from outside, then roughly How much I have end up spending? I stay in Bangalore. Kindly suggest.

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    Joshy | 1 week ago

    No need now you can buy electra factory will provide the tank of the standard.so its now a standard with electric start.Bullet lovers fall for the standard look.changing engine drilling make bore wider changing the Carberateurs ..made the bulleters happy in old times spending time in the workshop.many mechanics got their name prefixed with bullet eg bullet x,bullet yThanks.

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    Bhushan | 2 months ago

    Don't soil the beauty of your bullet. it's like giving a botched plastic surgery to Rekha to make her look younger. just don't! sell your bike to someone who loves to ride and buy a new one with the electric start if you can't handle her.

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    Nimaay | 2 months ago

    30k max on self start addition. I would recommend you to not do it. It can ruin your bike. Go for kick, you wont have any issues . It will start in a single kick if you do it right .just don't accelerate while kicking.

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    Paul | 2 months ago

    You can , but in order to that you will have to open the engine complety and then install the starter, this comes down to breaking the warranty period. Suggest to get a ES company fitted bullet

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    Rajas | 5 months ago

    Yes it's possible for a standard model to be installed with a self-starter externally but the charges can skyrocket if you buy components from a retailer, as high as 40k! Here's a list of components I found:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gA06HvqNjJs

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    Swarupranjan | 1 year ago

    The clutch chamber self starter self pinions and switch gear needs to be changed for later models 2003 -2007 and previous models the crank stud needs to be changed additional. The cost wold be around 10k

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    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    Its Standard variant comes with Kick Start only. On the other hand, its Electra variant is equipped with both Kick and Self Start. Click here to know more more about Royal Enfield Bullet 350: https://bit.ly/2giygZu

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    Mayank | 5 months ago

    Yes Its possible but it will cost you approximately ₹20000/- . I would suggest you to get the self start fitted from a reputed and trusted workshop otherwise you can face problems in future.

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    Uppiliappan | 4 months ago

    STD 350 has ABS , Kick start & Black color only. RE 350 Electra has Self start , ABS & Many color . Rest more less same Go for RE 350 Electra ABS or RE STD 350 ABS.

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    Mangesh | 3 weeks ago

    It depends upon machenic and market if market is tight than cost will go to 3k to 4k

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