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Amal Das
Amal Das 4.0 25 Jan 2019

Amaze can"t overcome hills.Low power is main issue I found and it"s only in petrol version.I am also one of the happy customer of Honda until driving a hill or ascent.Amaze can"t overcome ascents.Its the only issue i found since driving 3000km,which is not an acceptable issue.When i contacted Honda they said its handed over to dealer,but the dealer informed Honda that they didn"t find any abnormality in my car which they accepted that Amaze has power issue and its for maintaining mileage once i was there at showroom.And when i asked dealer about their reply to Honda they said its made like that they can"t tell this to Honda,if we want to ride hills we must choose another vehicle and they can"t fit same Honda engine on both boat and car(just imagine my situation hearing this kind of reply from dealers).Really pathetic situation. So, dear brothers and sisters please don"t buy amaze petrol.If you like Amaze go for diesel.All other features in amaze are good.I choose petrol because i am not aware of this power issue and now suffering for my choice.My bad i have test driven Amaze but not on an ascents. When you people ask sales person about this power issue they will reply there is nothing like that,better have a test drive with the same sales person on a hill or ascent and ask him to stop car in middle and then move, you can experience what i was saying about.

Uses this car for : Family Car
Gets mileage of : 18 kmpl
Suresh Sahadevan
Suresh Sahad.. 4.7 27 Jul 2019

Following is a review on the Honda Amaze Petrol after 5000kms. Looks: The overall silhouette of the new Amaze is good. It now looks like a bigger car compared to the previous version. I am not a big fan of the thick chrome grill at the front. The headlamps are stylish. The rear looks good with C-shaped lamps and sloping roof.Performance: The engine is super smooth and the gears are slick. Frequent gear changing is required but the performance is good. The initial pickup is low to maintain fuel economy. The car feels best on the highway. Feels stable even at speeds of 120kmph.Interiors: The interior is spacious and comfortable. The beige and piano black finish looks classy. The AC is quick and powerful. The rear seats offer ample legroom. The door speakers produce good sound. Audio controls are present on the steering wheel. The boot is spacious at 420 liters.Mileage: For a 1.2 liter petrol sedan, the mileage is good. It offers about 18.5 kmpl on the highway and 14-15 kmpl in the city with AC.Ride and Stability: The wheels soak up most bumps effortlessly. The ride quality is good. The stability at high speeds is good and body roll is controlled.Overall: Value for money. Spacious interiors and boot space. Good mileage and ride comfort.

Uses this car for : Family Car
Gets mileage of : 18 kmpl
Bees Cmrit
Bees Cmrit 4.7 9 Jan 2019

1. Honda Elite Cars Rajahmundry delivery my car in time as they promised to me.After reviewing Swift,Xcent and Ertiga i decided to by New Honda Amaze.I have seen so may bad review in amaze but my friend who is service engineer of Top Brand told that New Amaze is best in segment . Also service cost is low as so many told that Honda car service is High.2. I completed my 900 KMS traveled continuously for 300 KMS i did not feel any discomfort while journey. But the same journey with Etois i feel so much discomfort . Normally when we travel in car we feel dizzy but with amaze while riding we feel as we are at home . AC is very good no need for Rear AC vent.3. From far its looks like Volvo car. Mileage is good got AVG 21KMPL with in local and Highway. Some reviews told there is a problem in reverse gear but it is totally wrong.4. yet to give to service 5. Pros:Lots of boot Space, Leg room , Audio is Superb when compared to other cars . Diesel engines are noisy but Amaze engine is low noise like petrol engine. AC is very good no need for Rear AC vent.Cons: Some told that it has no resale value. But with Honda Pre owned car and its brand its not a big issue it think.

Uses this car for : Family Car | Tours
Gets mileage of : 21 kmpl
Chandan Seetharam
Chandan Seet.. 4.7 21 Sep 2018

I bought the iDTEC Amaze in January 2014, and have run over 1,10,000 KM over varied terrains. The Amaze is definitely the best car in its segment. With amazing performance and fantastic mileage, coupled with great road grip, handling and safety, this is the car you should look at over any other in its segment. The car handles very well on the highway and has more than enough oopmh to overtake any vehicle on the road. A super responsive engine, you will experience no turbo lag.Be vary of unnecessary service add ons though. When you give the car for service, they’ll try to get you to sign unnecessary “value add ons” like rodent repellent, etc etc which can add thousands to your service bill.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 18 kmpl
Krishnendu Paul
Krishnendu Paul 4.0 28 Jul 2019

Owning it since 2016 october, petrol SMT version, really good car for city ride and long rides too. Given the road space in Calcutta, getting good mileage with a/c always on round the year, about 15-18kmpl and on the highways around 20-21kmpl. Doesnt get fatigued while driving this car in the city or in the country side.Value for money, if we keep the car with proper and timly servicing through the honda suthorised service centers.

Uses this car for : Occasional Commute | Family Car | Tours
Gets mileage of : 15 kmpl
Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar 4.7 16 Jun 2019

I have covered only 1700 km after 50 days of usage. Avg Mileage I’m getting is 15.2 implying with mist drives in city. Driving comfort really nice. Some points I find lacking is the lack of touch screen infotainment in VCVT. The buttons for windows and mirrors control on driver door could have been illuminated for easy night operations. Further comments follows soon.

Uses this car for : Occasional Commute
Gets mileage of : 15 kmpl
Aniket Yeola
Aniket Yeola 4.0 3 Jul 2019

The internal fibre dashboard is very much weak as compared to swift, old amaze, etios etc. every time when we go through a manhole on the roads the car vibrates alot, even on the speed breakers its very noisy about the body. Rest experience is good. Not happy with the internal body.

Uses this car for : Family Car
Gets mileage of : 20 kmpl
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma 4.7 31 May 2019

I have both Diesel & Petrol versions of Amaze. One thing I can assure It's Diesel variant has no match currently in the market. I am getting the mileage of 26-27 kmpl from last 3 years continuously.It also has the best in class powerful engine which makes it performance superior.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute | Family Car | Tours
Gets mileage of : 26 kmpl
Harsimran Singh
Harsimran Singh 4.0 25 May 2019

I am facing issue after i covered 11000 kms there is noise coming from the dashboard to which the dealerships also don't have any answer. It is really very irritating when you are going on a smooth road and suddenly the noise starts from the dashboard.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 26 kmpl
Tapan Kumar
Tapan Kumar 5.0 19 Feb 2019

its an amazing experience to have such kind of full proof all weather Car. I just do the routine maintenance every six month and forget about any other work in it. Driving this last three and half years with confidence given to me by this machine.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute | Family Car | Tours
Gets mileage of : 15 kmpl
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