Tiago EV Running Cost

Monthly Charging Cost Rs. 750
Daily Charging Cost Rs. 25
Per KM Charging Cost Rs. 0.5

The Tiago EV has a running cost of Rs. 0.5 per kilometer. Additionally, the monthly charging cost for the Tiago EV is Rs. 750. This cost is calculated based on charging the vehicle at a rate of 6.5/ units of electricity and assuming a daily run of 50 kilometers.

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315 km
Battery Capacity
24 kwh
Electricity Price
Total Running Cost
Rs 0.5/kilometer
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Tata Tiago EV Expert Reviews

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Tata Tiago EV
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Tata Tiago EV User Reviews

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  • Electric Elegance Tata Tigor EV

    With the Tata Tigor EV, I now have a entire new understanding of electric interpretation and fineness in the auto. Every drive is a luxury and important experience thanks to its lean appearance and strong electric engine, and its slice bite features and sophisticated technology guarantee a smooth and operative interpretation on every fiefdom. An redundant place of luxury is handed by the big upholstery and high end installations, making every ride — whether it's a long distance drive or a diurnal commute — comfortable and thrilling. The Tata Tigor EV has actually surfaced as the key feature of electric fineness and interpretation, reconsidering the possibilities for the aesthetic and ultrapractical rates of a genuine electric agent.

  • Efficient and Eco Conscious Tata Tiago CNG

    This path appeals to me because of what it offers. My attraction to this conception is a result of what it can offer. Effectiveness and environmental mindfulness are connected in the Tata Tiago CNG. For your standard commute, this hatchback provides a useful and environmentally friendly option. A comfortable trip is guaranteed by its ample cabin and exceptional amenities, while the CNG technology lowers emigrations and running charges. Safety rules are prioritized since they provide comfort while driving. The Tiago CNG has won my attention because of its operational and environmentally friendly services.

  • Eco Friendly Commuting Made Stylish with Tiago EV

    My estimation for this model stems from its unusual features. This model is now one of my full-time pets because of the qualifications it provides. With the Tata Tiago EV,eco-friendly commuting has never been more fashionable. This electric motor hatchback combines the advantages of electric motor mobility with the mileage of a bitchy machine. With its remarkable range and silent electric motor, you may travel still and comfortably while going around your standard conditioning. It provides a canny and connected driving terrain outside. The Tiago EV has obtained my heart with its rich tries.

  • It's look and other future

    It's look and other future are very good.If battery back up improved than it is batter for tata.

  • Sharp looks and effective work

    This car is an excellent value for money option with good use. It also has a pleasing appearance. Tata Motors ’ buses are known for their features and safety, making this a good choice. For an enhanced experience, consider a vehicle with safety features, low conservation conditions, a well- designed inside, a sharp cabin, and an effective air activity system. Overall, it’s a wise choice. Tata is a trusted brand in the electric vehicle( EV) member, known for producing dependable and innovative EVs. The Tata Nexon EV, for case, has gained favor for its features, performance, and sustainability.

  • Good Car In This Segment

    The Tiago EV is an all-electric hatchback that offers a great deal of value for money. Controlled by a 26 kwh1battery, it gives a range of up to 213 km on a single charge, making it reasonable for day-to-day drives and brief excursions. One of the main things you'll see about the Tiago EV is its smart plan. The vehicle looks present-day and lively, with clean lines and an unmistakable grille. Inside, the Tiago EV is agreeable and spacious, with a lot of legroom and headroom for both e-drivers and travelers. The Tiago EV is likewise loaded with highlights, including a touchscreen infotainment framework, programmed environment control, and a rearview camera. The vehicle additionally includes well-known highlights like double airbags, ABS, and ebd. As far as execution, the Tiago EV conveys a smooth and quiet speed increase. The electric engine produces 30 kW of force and 105 nm of force, resulting in a fast and responsive speed increase. The vehicle's speed is 80 km/h, which is all that could be needed for city driving.

  • 4.7
    I bought tiago ev,

    I bought tiago ev, Top end model, 24 kwh battery, Last month.So far has done close to 1300 kms.Super driving experience, Excellent initial torque; there is no delay in transmission; feel is great.Currently, My car runs ~200 kms on full charge with ac and on regen-2.Car is excellent and is a good buy.Having said that, The following need to be looked by tata for improvement:1.Interior plastic is poor quality and certain places mis aligned and visible.2.Head lights to be white and led.Lights are poor.3.Above all hill hold function is very very essential in electric cars as it can roll over in a cliff.This needs to be incorporated as an option with cost.4.The car alarm systems are on for few secs.Eg.If the door is open and you drive, There is no audible alarm; just a small indication in the dashboard which gets ignored.These are mandatory and should be incorporated.Hope tata takes up the above suggestions, Reviews and incorporates for future models.Overall, Excellent vehicle to drive in a city.

  • 4.3
    It has been a

    It has been a month since i purchased the ev vehicle.I have travelled 1700 kms till now.1st talking about positives 1.Smooth silent and awesome pickup & acceleration 2.U can go for one pedal driving on highway and light traffic with regeneration on which charges your battery also 3.Fuel cost reduced by 80 %4.Minimal service costnegatives1.Too costly than ice vehicles2.Too silent you will hardly feel engine has started also3.Hefty procedure for charging daily depends on consumption mine is around 150 km daily4.Fear of exhausting and getting stranded in road not at all recommended for long trips.Overall its an awesome car but people need to compare the usage and purchase it as a secondary car.If you have healthy km to travel then go for it.

  • "Experience Electric Efficiency with the Tata Tiag

    Test my electric driving chops in the Tata Tiago EV Hatchback. This model, which is packed witheco-friendliness and high- end factors, provides solid avail and authentic riding sapience. The Tiago EV offers open seats and a comfortable lift, icing a calm and effective trip. Its electric machine transmits moment force and zero discharges, together with a choice that's earth- apprehensive. The Tiago EV's outside design exudes creativity and effective effectiveness, while the interior features give comfort and slice- edge style. Its electric drivetrain, commodious innards, and top- notch safety features are geniI use dailys. Yet, a major debit might be a limited charging structure.


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