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Toyota Innova Hycross
Toyota Innova Hycross
Rs. 30.98 Lakh
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Toyota Innova Hycross User Reviews

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  • Innova hicross hybrid driver

    Innova hicross hybrid driver experience very expensive best shiting confarnt very good it\'s build quality very best and look very good driving confarnt best pickup quality very good my personal opinion on this car world\'s best xuv car.Thanks toyota.

  • Was an experience of a lifetime..

    Innova hycross is indeed a "hycross" of class & comfort, Safety & quality.Driving was a total pleasure totally.Despitr its size, Car is economical on fuel/clocked 17 kmh.All boxes remain ticked for car suspension, Safety, Ergonomics.I must add herr that even backseat comfort was pleasantly good as well! in brief.

  • 4.3
    Its a very nice car and very

    Its a very nice car and very much comfertable and aaramdayak gaadi.Bahut badiya gaadi.

  • Recently picked

    Hi, I have recently picked up a toyota innova hycross.We picked up the zx(o) variant.We had to wait for a whole 2 years.It costed about 38.3 lakhs on-road.It is so far the best car we have purchased.We are getting a mileage of 30kmpl.

  • 5.0
    I am satisfied with my hycross

    I am satisfied with my hycross because of comfortable drive, Fuel efficiency above 15 and durability by toyota

  • A Well-Built, Spacious and Family Vehicle

    Toyota Innova Hycross A full-featured, well-built family vehicle. Additionally, it is incredibly sturdy and secure at high speeds. Driving is really pleasant, and the suspension is good. ADAS is helpful on lengthy highway drives, and space is a major benefit. The third row can comfortably accommodate two adults. On signals, quick acceleration with motor assistance is really helpful. Stunning handling and feather touch controls far more safety considerations than you may imagine Cons: Disconnection from Android Auto when driving. This is an unacceptable issue for such a high-end automobile. A software upgrade was promised. There is no rain-sensing wiper (not a significant deal, but startled to miss it). Less arch gap would have made the wheels better.

  • "Efficient and Versatile: The Toyota Innova HyCros

    With the Toyota Innova HyCross MPV, embrace productivity that's resolve between the two. This model is full of versatility andeco-friendliness, and it provides good avail and real riding sapience. The Innova HyCross offers open seating and a comfortable lift, icing a safe and pleasurable trip for both the engineist and passengers. Its mongrel powertrain, which combines a petrol engine and an electric machine, offers high effectiveness and low emigrations. The Innova HyCross' outside design exudes sense and fustiness, while its interior features comfort and slice- edge technology. Experts consider its extensive innards,eco-neighbourliness, and environmental benevolence. Yet, some downsides might include lesser pricing and constrained freight space.

  • "Versatile and Spacious: The Toyota Innova HyCross

    Embrace half and half productivity with the Toyota Innova HyCross MPV. I am fond of this model because it providesa solid mileage and genuine ride insight, loaded with eco-friendliness and flexibility. The Innova HyCross gives open to seating and a smooth ride, guaranteeing a certain and charming excursion for both driver and travelers. Its cross breed powertrain consolidates an electric engine and a gas engine, conveying great efficiency and diminished discharges. The outside plan of the Innova HyCross oozes advancement and reasonableness, while the highlights offer accommodation and cutting edge innovation. I recommended incorporate its eco-friendliness, extensive inside, and eco-neighborliness.

  • Fusion of Hybrid Efficiency and Space

    The Toyota Innova Hycross has surfaced as the zenith of rigidity and practicality, winning my reference with its detectable layout and operative engine. Every drive is protean and ready thanks to its quick running and malleable commands, and its provident engine guarantees a smooth and operative interpretation on the road. my reason for both rigidity and practicality is fully gratified by the MPV thanks to its ultrapractical features and stoner friendly installations, which also give a touch of luxury and utility. The Toyota Innova Hycross is now the zenith of practicality and rigidity, furnishing a reliable and fashionable option for drivers appearing for a adjustable and affable ride.

  • Efficiency Meets Comfort with Innova Hycross

    The Toyota Innova Hycross seamlessly merges fuel efficiency with comfort, presenting an attractive option for families and city commuters. Its hybrid powertrain effortlessly blends electric and gasoline power, offering impressive fuel economy for both urban and highway travel. The spacious interior ensures ample space for passengers and luggage and elevating long journeys. The user-friendly infotainment system keeps passengers engaged. While the design isn't revolutionary, the Innova Hycross's dependability and affordable upkeep enhance its appeal. For those seeking a reliable, eco-conscious vehicle without sacrificing comfort, the Toyota Innova Hycross warrants serious consideration.

  • Innova Hycross User Reviews

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