Mercedes-Benz A-Class India Launch Unlikely

The German carmaker to focus on segments above Rs 40 lakh.


Mercedes Benz A Class Sedan
  • Mercedes has said that the launch of the the A-Class sedan in India is unlikely.
  • Instead, we’ll get the new CLA that was unveiled at CES 2019 earlier this year. 
  • All three of Merc’s entry-level cars are priced within a lakh of each other.
  • This leaves little room for the new A-Class sedan.


Mercedes Benz A Class Sedan

Back in 2018, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan replaced the CLA as the most affordable sedan with a three-pointed star. Like us, we’re sure it got a lot of you excited about the prospect of owning an even more affordable Mercedes-Benz in India. Sadly, that’s unlikely to happen as the company has hinted that the A-Class sedan will not be arriving on our shores anytime soon. The only way this smaller luxury sedan would have made sense for India was if it would have been more affordable than the CLA. Going ahead, Mercedes will focus more on cars costing upwards of Rs 40 lakhs as they sell in better numbers for the company.


Mercedes Benz CLA

Unfortunately, all three entry-level cars from Mercedes-Benz in India - the A-Class, CLA and the GLA - are priced very close to each other. In fact, their entry-level variants are stacked within a Rs 2 lakh bracket. This leaves little room for the new A-Class sedan. In international markets, the entry-level variant of the A-Class sedan is just Rs 60,000 less expensive than the CLA. If this would have been the case in India, customers would be more inclined to buy the bigger and better looking (in our opinion) of the two cars for the small premium.

Mercedes Benz A Class Sedan and CLA

While there is still no clarity on when the next-generation A-Class hatchback will come to India, Mercedes has unveiled the next-generation CLA at CES 2019 which will likely come to the country later this year. This would make the B-Class the new entry-level Mercedes in the country as the new CLA, taking into account the new features it is expected to offer, will surely command a premium over the prices of the current model. Check out all details of the all-new CLA right here.

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