ZigOpinion: Here’s Why A 225cc Yamaha RX 100 Doesn’t Make Sense

  • Feb 22, 2024
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And here’s when the Yamaha RX 100 will ACTUALLY be making a comeback in India

In today’s edition of ‘wrong information being spread on the internet’, people are targeting an absolute legend, the Yamaha RX 100. According to ‘reputed’ media houses, the RX 100 will be making a comeback in a 225.9cc BS6.2 avatar that’ll make….*drumroll*.....a whopping 20.1PS and 19.93Nm. For context, that’s exactly on par with the TVS Ronin, which also has a 225.9cc air-cooled engine. Hmmm, I wonder where they got the output details from…

It just doesn’t make sense for the legendary bike to make a comeback with such a thanda engine, and given that the market has now moved onto 250s and beyond. Plus Yamaha itself has a 250cc engine that we saw in the FZ 25, but even that didn’t really impress us. And most importantly, in our exclusive interview with Eishin Chihana, chairman of Yamaha India, he said that it’d make the most sense for the RX 100 to make a comeback with the 155cc liquid-cooled heart from the lovely Yamaha R15 V4…an XSR 155-rebadged RX 100 of sorts. He even said that it won’t be before 2026 that we see what Yamaha has planned for the RX100’s comeback. So there’s no way the RX 100 will get such a puny 225cc motor.  

So if this news had gotten you all excited, we’re sorry to bring your dreams of owning an RX 225 crashing down. It’s also sad to see ‘reputed’ publications propagate such baseless news; One publication giving content credit to another, which in turn has given it to a random blog. Remember the triple Spiderman meme with each one pointing at each other confusedly? Yep, that’s what this looks like.

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