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5 Bikes We NEED In India Once Again

Supersports, nakeds & even a mini bike; there’s something for everyone

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Some motorcycles are more than just machines, they’re memories. Just thinking about them plasters a wide smile across your face. Even years after some motorcycles are discontinued, they still tug at your heartstrings like not many can do. Celebrating that very emotion, here’s our list of five bikes that need to make a comeback: 

Yamaha RX100

Where do we even start talking about this bike? The RX100’s simple 98cc two-stroke engine might sound puny but it was an absolute hooligan. Famously known for its signature 'ring-ding-ding' soundtrack, this lightweight and nimble bike was one of the fastest of its kind at the time and quite a head turner. 

Even today, every time an RX is cranked up, motorcycle enthusiasts break their neck trying to just catch a glimpse of it, and the raw smell of its two-stroke smoker is the purest form of oxygen for their noses. If these things have truly gotten you all nostalgic and excited, we have good news. The RX100 could be making a comeback, but not like you expected. Read all about it here.

Hero Karizma R

The Karizma R was just right for its time. A faired, beautiful-looking motorcycle was almost unheard of at that time, with its 17PS and 19Nm output ditching the then commuter mentality in favour of thrill. It was one of the few affordable motorcycles capable of touring.

And now there have been reports surfacing online that the Karizma moniker is all set to be revived by Hero, and that too in a liquid-cooled avatar! Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Honda Navi

With the nimbleness of a scooter and stance of a motorcycle, the Honda Navi was unlike anything that we had ever seen or ridden in India before. The Navi was a surprisingly radical approach, especially by a company like Honda Motorcycle and Scooter Limited (HMSI) that’s known to be conservative.  

Its peppy motor, nimble handling and smoothness came together to make the Navi a fun bike, one that pushed boundaries and broke stereotypes. It wasn’t meant for those who live young and who live free. While not everyone was ready to shed their inhibitions and embrace the unusual mini bike back in the day, it’d be a joy if Honda decides to bring this little machine back today as it very well could have a lot more buyers now. 

Yamaha R3

This one was a gorgeous-looking bike with a creamy-smooth parallel-twin that offered enough comfort to spend long hours in the saddle, while being extremely capable when shown a set of corners. The Japanese supersport gave the bigger-engined KTM RC 390 a good run for its money but its Achilles heel was its pricing. 

At Rs 3.25 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) back in 2015, the bike was no cheap deal. And that, coupled with its inability to comply with the BS6 norms, means it was taken off the Indian shelves in 2020. What could we not give Yamaha to give us this pocket rocket once again….

Honda CBR150R

Back when the Yamaha R15 was becoming popular, Honda retaliated with the capable CBR150R. However, the famed faired bike died down as Honda became busy selling Activas. Its 149cc liquid-cooled heart making 17.1PS and 14.4Nm means it’ll directly lock horns with the Yamaha R15 V4, which is currently your best (and only) bet in the small-capacity liquid-cooled supersport segment. Now that’s a brawl that we’d pay to watch!

Yamaha RX100 Alternatives

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