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Watch: Two People On A Bike Fake An Accident To Scam An IT Couple

Luckily, the couple escape the scammers without any harm

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India has the third largest road network in the world, and these roads are riddled with potholes, haphazard pedestrians, animals and now, scammers. And we’re not talking about scams that happen on lonely highways. Today, we shed light on a recent incident that occurred in Bengaluru, in a residential locality.

Bengaluru, being an IT hub, has a high number of residents from outside Karnataka. The scam we’ll be talking about today is particularly effective on those who are new to the city and do not know the local language. Such was a couple who was returning home through Sarjapur road at 3 am, when a two-wheeler riding on the wrong side slammed into their car.

Dashcam footage from the car clearly indicates that the driver was driving at a slow speed, and had switched on the blinkers to indicate his intentions to turn. However the two-wheeler rider did not pay any heed to these indications and ran into the can in a controlled manner. Instead of being apologetic, the two-wheeler rider and pillion began to threaten the driver to come out of the car.

Hats off to the driver and passenger for keeping their cool, and instead of stepping out of the car, reversed out of harm's way. However, it is said that the two-wheeler rider chased the car from the collision spot until the car driver’s residence. The IT couple shared this video on social media, while also lodging a police complaint following which the two scammers were arrested within a day, and booked under appropriate IPC sections.

We see from the twitter thread that quite a few people have encountered such scammers, and what can be learnt from this instance is that do not open the windows or exit the vehicle in such situations. Also, a dashcam comes in handy to lodge a case against such scammers.

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