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Holi-Proof Your Car With These Pro Tips

Holi can more often than not be a notorious festival for cars, but we are here to save the day, or rather the car, with these tips

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Holi is a festival of colours, music, and joy, and while people might take all the precautions and prepare themselves for the festivities, it can still be a nightmare for their car. With people throwing coloured powder and water everywhere, your car can easily catch some of it.  Also, there are chances that you’d be travelling during the festivities. 

However, with some careful planning and a little bit of elbow grease, you can keep your car clean throughout Holi. Here are some tips to help you keep your car in top shape during Holi:

Pre Holi:

Cover your car: If you’re not planning to use it, the best way to keep your car clean during Holi is to cover it with a protective layer. A cover will go a long way in keeping the car's body away from the colours and will save you from the tedious cleaning process afterward. That’s worth tossing the cover into the washing machine later on.

Wax your car: Like we apply a layer of oil before going into the ‘Holi’ battlefield, a coat of wax on the car can do wonders in protecting it. It creates a barrier between the paint and the coloured powder, making it easy to remove the colour later on. Very useful if you have a light-coloured car. 

Cover the seats: If you’re planning to travel on Holi, it's best you do with some covers for your seat. Plastic or even a bed sheet will help soak up the water and will further avoid colour stains on your beloved seat. Also try and use a glove of sorts, because getting colours on your hand is inevitable, but we aren’t sure how your steering wheel would feel if met with the same fate. And cleaning it later on, especially on the inside, is an even more tedious process. 

Apply a ceramic coating: Ceramic coatings can also help protect the car's surface from the harsh chemicals in synthetic colours. They are usually used to protect the paint from harsh environmental effects, dust, and water (it is hydrophobic); but given that in today's world people love playing with permanent colours that are very harmful, it won’t do any harm in applying the coating before the festival.

You can check out our own Nabeel Khan demonstrating how to protect your car from Holi colours in this reel:

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But what if it's too late and you’re already done with the Holi shenanigans and now your car is a mess? Well, fret not because here’s how you can revive your car after the festival:

Post Holi:

Rinse the car: After the festivities are over, rinse your car thoroughly with water. Use a high-pressure hose along with some solution of car soap to remove the colour and dirt from the surface . Try to avoid using hot water because it damages the car's paint. After that, use only a microfibre cloth to avoid paint damage. 

Clean the interiors: A spill inside should be dealt with immediately because seat fabrics tend to absorb the stains very quickly indeed. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove the colour from the fabric or carpet and add a mild detergent or car-based interior cleaning solutions to remove any hard stains from the dashboard and seats.

Get a professional car wash: If you don't have the time or patience to clean your car yourself, take it to a professional car wash. They have all the required equipment and expertise to bleach out the dirt and stains without damaging the car's paint or interiors. It’s also the best solution if you aren’t confident enough to clean the insides on your own. 

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If you truly hold your car close to your heart, we would suggest you to avoid using it at all during the festivities. But if you still plan to use it, some careful planning and a little bit of effort, as suggested by the pointers above, will help keep your car clean. So, go ahead and enjoy the festival of colours without worrying about your car!

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