Ola S1 Pro Could Be 25 Percent Cheaper With Made-In-India Lithium-ion Cells

Ola looking to enter a market monopolised by China, Korea and Japan

In July,
Ola Electric hit a new milestone in the EV game by giving us India's first indigenously developed cell. This is big for the Indian EV revolution, as China, Korea and Japan are currently the largest producers of lithium-ion cells in the world. And given how these cells are quite literally at the core of all EVs right now (barring a handful of FCEVs), localisation of cells has a tremendous impact on making two- and four-wheeled EVs more cost effective… 25 percent in this case!

A recent news article suggests once Ola’s Gigafactory is up and running, these locally produced cells will help bring the current cost of the S1 Pro’s battery pack down by 40 percent, a substantial reduction in manufacturing costs. Moreover, the article also says that Ola is gunning to make its EVs 20-25 percent cheaper.

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Currently, Ola sources its cells from Korea’s LG Chem, but the company is looking to reduce this dependency with the help of these cells. After meeting its own requirements, Ola has expressed the desire to supply these cells to both domestic and international EV makers.

In fact Ola is not alone in this endeavour, with Log9 Materials– a Bengaluru-based battery tech startup– having set up an indigenous cell manufacturing facility in Jakkuru, Bengaluru. It is the first Indian indigenous battery cell manufacturer, with an aim to reach 50MWh of production in one year.


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