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14 Fun Facts About The Hyundai Ioniq 5

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has a long list of quirks, easter eggs and hidden features that you will find both amusing and useful

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Our first drive review of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 had us put the car through our regular set of tests to gauge how spacious, comfortable, practical and usable the electric car is in India. However, Hyundai has thrown in such a long list of unique playthings that we set out on a little treasure hunt to see how many of them we could find. 

  • The front seats have a relaxation mode that will electrically slide the seats back, lower the backrest, raise the ottoman and tilt the entire seat back to put you into a similar position as a baby in a rocker seat.

  • There are two buttons on the front passenger seat’s side bolster to adjust the rear seats from the front row. There’s also a third button here for the aforementioned relaxation mode (in addition to the standard buttons that are in the seat base) but it will be accessible to those seated behind. This could become an entertaining annoyance tool for kids/your college friends seated behind.

  • Like the Kia EV6 and BYD Atto 3, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 offers Vehicle-To-Load (V2L) charging. Up to 80 percent of the Ioniq 5’s battery can be discharged using this feature and you can set a discharge limit below that via the infotainment screen too. 

  • For the external V2L (via the charge port), the Ioniq 5 gets an adapter that comes as standard in India. This adapter is an optional extra in markets like the USA and can be bought from dealers for about $220 (approximately Rs 18,000)

  • The car plays a spaceship-like sound outside to alert pedestrians of an approaching car (virtual engine sound system or VESS). While audible, it may be hard to hear in most Indian cities considering ambient noises are so much higher here.

  • There are 3 drive modes - Eco, Normal and Sport. These modes are controlled via a button on the steering wheel and have corresponding displays on the digital cluster. If you press and hold the drive mode button, ‘Snow’ mode is activated (controls power delivery and traction control to improve grip on slippery roads).

  • Not only does the displayed range change based on the drive mode selected but it also changes with alterations to the AC temperature and blower speed setting.

  • While the front armrest console slides back and forth, the armrest itself is fixed in place. So if you want to adjust the armrest to your preference, you have to move the console in its entirety. Thankfully, this is very easy to do and the armrest itself is large enough to negate the need for too much adjustment.

  • The music system comes with a Quiet Mode that’ll play music only through the front speakers, should you have a child/elderly parent dozing off in the rear seat. It’s essentially a shortcut for the balance fader functionality most sound systems offer.

  • Paddle-shifters in an electric car? These control the regenerative braking levels. The left paddle increases regen, while the right paddle raises it. If you press and hold the left paddle, it functions like a brake and can bring the car to a complete stop.

  • There’s a + sign on the accelerator pedal and - on the brake pedal. Just a small touch that most owners would never notice.

  • While electric sunroof sunshades are common, in the Ioniq 5, it is split in the middle and rolls back like eyelids. Hyundai calls the sunroof a “Vision Roof”. Prudent to note, it’s a fixed glass roof.

  • In some markets, the Ioniq 5’s remote key has the walk-the-car feature i.e. the car can be moved forward/backward with no one in the car using buttons on the key. This is an added convenience for when you’re dealing with parking spots that are very tight. The India-spec car does not get this feature.

There is no Hyundai logo on the steering wheel, just four dots which happen to spell out the letter ‘H’ morse code. 

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