• Q. Which one is best in ns200 or duke 200?

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    Sushant | 1 year ago

    Well this question will always remain in the minds of bike enthusiasts. Both bike have got same hearts but the file makes marginally higher power and with lesser weight it also is quicker between the two. Technology wise again Duke shines over NS. NS does outperforms Duke on the top speed battle but only on an open highway. But the best part where NS beats Duke is the city rides. Indian roads are full of people holes and the suspension setup on Duke is Rock hard designed for race track. So, there is a difficulty in choice. Even the spare parts for Duke are costly. My suggestion is NS. Why? Because, you spend less while you purchase, your after sale cost is less, you get a really good performer in this segment, of course you cannot beat file in a race, but how often are you going to race, you get softer suspension that is not harsh on your back yet gives you respectable handling. But if you can really afford some premium for better quality go for Duke.

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    Tushar | 1 year ago

    If you are looking to sprint around town and maybe even hit the track at times, Duke 200 is your best friend. However, it feels a little restless at times, nothing negative here, that is just how the motorcycle is, always eager to go. It gets better equipment, suspension, fatter tyres, bigger brakes, fuel injection and everything. But that adds almost 50K. And the gearing isn’t highway friendly. The 200 NS/AS will be better for going long distances. Acceleration is lower than Duke but still very good. Being a Bajaj, there could be some rattles here and there which you will have to deal with. You lose of stuff like USD forks, FI and all. But saving 50K over the Duke for close to similar performance, you can’t complain much. Also, if you have budget constraint go with Pulsar Ns200 which is around 50k cheaper than Duke.

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    Sushant | 10 months ago

    It depends on what's your taste. If you like technically advanced bike like a DOHC engine, electronic fuel injection, fully digital tachometer with a lot of features only then go for Duke. I am saying this because there not huge difference when it comes to power output, similarly, on the road Duke wins in acceleration marginally which one can see in a race. And in reality how often do you race? Also the Duke loses on the top speed battle, fuel efficiency and maintenance cost.

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    Arihant | 3 weeks ago

    Both ns200 and Duke 200 shares same engine. But in ns 200 the engine's been tuned for better milage output. Now it's up to you. What do you want. An Austrian beast or a decent but not so decent Indian scalpel.

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    Shreyas | 4 months ago

    For about 50k extra, you get an instrument console that is leagues ahead, USD forks, wider tyres, better power to weight ratio, better body balance(the weight of the ns 200 is concentrated towards the tank which makes the duke 200 a far better handler), better part quality and brand value. After using 200NS for 3 years, switching to duke 200 feels like quite an upgrade to me.

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    Mann | 11 months ago

    Both are different bikes and one of the best in their segments the pulsar is a long ride bike a nimble one too but when compared to duke it feels heavy like a ship and duke is much more ajile and punchier hence, if u want some fun then duke is the best option 🤘😊

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    Hari | 8 months ago

    NS and Duke same segament of bikes but looks is the best DUKE ....!! Some people are Duke lovers it beats hypergenious sound and exhaust note super fuel injection, it such very good performer but budget problem u go with ns but DUKE >NS the range is osm

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    Sushant | 1 year ago

    If you are willing to pay a premium for few extra things then Duke. Pulsar if you are just concerned with performance because performance of both bikes is almost same. Duke wins in outright acceleration and Pulsar wins on the top speed battle

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    Night | 3 months ago

    They are same sigment bike and Bajaj produce ktm in india.duke has a racing cdi and na has a normal cdi but top of speed na is champion.

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    | 9 months ago

    NS 200 is Better Than KTM 200. NS has more control at high speed than KTM but a little vibrant. Cost effectiveness is NS got the same specs as KTM but comes under a lac while KTM tops around 1.50-1.75 lacs

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