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Maruti Baleno
Maruti Baleno
Rs. 9.38 Lakh
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Maruti Baleno User Reviews

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    1. Most unsafe of all cars

    Most unsafe of all cars i have driven so far.I bought it without much review, Just by seeing the artistic and aerodynamic shape and repenting every moment now for the lastly driven car.I planned to write this review after driving the car for two years.This review is for all the future customers of maruti-suzuki.Don't make a mistake like me.Some of issues are listed below.A) overall low roof.B) low entry space for the driver.You will have have to bend like an acrobat to enter the car to sit for the steering.Else you will have to move the whole seat back and forth every time to set your driving position.C) there is no suitable place for fitting the rear view mirror.It is arbitrarily fixed just in front and at eye-level of the driver.The driver will look into it for observing the moving objects in the back and not for shaving.There should be a finite angle of elevation from the eye-level as it is there in all other maruti cars.This randomly positioned mirror dangerously blocks the front left view of the driver while taking a left turn.It may cause fatal accident any time.D) there is flat space for smaller objects like mobile or key in front of steering wheel.The whole plastic is oval.There is only a very small box in front of the front passenger to keep your important documents like blue book, Insurance copy, Pollution card etc.It's tiny compared to the size of the car.E) there is no pocket at the back of the factory-fitted linen-covers, Of the front passenger.It is there only at the back of the driver's seat.These pockets are used by the passengers at the back seat and they find it inconvenient.F) the seat at the back is too thin.It's nonstandard and your knee will always be there without a support at the bottom.The width is less than 18".I think it's 14-16".As a result family members traveling together cannot sit comfortably lifting their legs which you can easily do in arena-promoted swift model.G) the handles for use by the rear passengers are not in the right place.There's a tiny hook in the same frame of the handle which proved almost fatal for the rear passenger sitting next to the door.In two occasions, Two different passengers sitting in the back seat jumped up to hit the hook by their forehead and ear-side while the car was moving on a bumpy road.The injury were severe and we had to go to doctor who recommended for a scan.I complained on the net and received a call from a local service center.I visited the service center to get my car inspected.The hopeless comment was "it is there in all baleno model in garage now." there is no system of advising the owner, Any solution for the genuine safety issue.So i am suffering from the punishment of my own s****d decision and will do so for 2 more years when i will change my car.After driving 5 different models of maruti-suzuki, In the past, I am going to try the cars from the competition.And do not forget my suggestion, Never use maruti-suzuki baleno model, If not the whole brand.

  • The Maruti Suzuki Baleno

    The maruti suzuki baleno 2023 is an exceptional car that offers a perfect blend of style, Performance, And features.As one of the leading hatchbacks in the indian market, It showcases maruti suzuki's commitment to producing high-quality vehicles.Design-wise, The baleno 2023 sports a contemporary and aerodynamic silhouette that is both eye-catching and practical.The sleek lines and bold grille give it a modern and sporty appeal.The car's overall design is further enhanced by the well-integrated led headlights and taillights, Adding a touch of sophistication.Moving inside, The baleno 2023 offers a spacious and comfortable cabin that can accommodate five passengers with ease.The use of premium materials and thoughtful design elements creates a refined ambiance.The seats are comfortable and provide ample legroom and headroom, Ensuring a pleasant driving experience even on longer journeys.The boot space is generous, Allowing for convenient storage of luggage and other items.One of the standout features of the baleno 2023 is its impressive infotainment system.The car comes equipped with a large touchscreen display that supports apple carplay and android auto, Enabling seamless smartphone integration.The system also incorporates bluetooth connectivity, Usb ports, And a user-friendly interface.Additionally, The baleno 2023 boasts a high-quality audio system that produces clear and immersive sound.In terms of performance, The baleno 2023 offers a range of engine options to cater to different preferences.The petrol engines deliver excellent power and efficiency, Ensuring a smooth and responsive driving experience.The car's suspension system provides a balanced and comfortable ride, Absorbing bumps and undulations on the road with ease.The steering is precise, Offering good feedback and making manoeuvring in tight spaces effortless.Safety features are also a priority in the baleno 2023.It is equipped with dual front airbags, Abs with ebd, Rear parking sensors, And seatbelt pre-tensioners.Additionally, Higher variants offer features such as a rearview camera, Automatic climate control, And automatic headlights, Further enhancing the overall driving experience and safety.When it comes to fuel efficiency, The baleno 2023 excels, Thanks to maruti suzuki's expertise in producing economical cars.The car delivers impressive mileage figures, Making it an ideal choice for daily commutes and long drives.Overall, The maruti suzuki baleno 2023 is a well-rounded hatchback that offers a compelling package of style, Performance, Features, And fuel efficiency.Its attractive design, Spacious interior, Advanced infotainment system, And strong safety features make it a standout choice in its segment.Whether you're a city dweller or a highway cruiser, The baleno 2023 is a car that delivers on multiple fronts and is definitely worth considering for your next purchase.

  • Pretty spacious

    Hi, It's been 6 months since we purchased our Baleno. So I'll be sharing with you my overall experience to date. Let's start with the driving experience, I could clearly say that this gen is smoother and comfier than the previous gen baleno, The rear seats are pretty spacious, And the 360-degree camera helps not only in parking but in many other ways too. If I talk about the mileage, The car gives an average mileage of 16 to 17 in the city and 19 to 20 on highways. I'm in love with the space and comfort and the 4 cylinder growl in the second gear, Like wow. The performance is pretty good considering it's a 1.2 l n/a 4-cylinder engine, And so is the pickup of the car. So coming to cons, Every car has a con, So in the Baleno when compared to its competitors, Suzuki should have offered a sunroof. Leaving about the sunroof they could have at least considered offering a tire pressure monitoring system ( tpms ) and cup holder with an armrest at the rear, And people also complain about the sound cancellation i.E.They can hear the sound coming from the car ( but that's not a problem for me), And there is a bit of vibration we face when we close the boot. Coming to the most important part, The build quality, is decent, A company could've made it a lot better by improvising the amount the steel used. And lastly, the after-market sales service is amazing as we expect from Maruti, They service the car with a lot of care and overall, The experience is quite good. If you are considering a car in this segment, You can undoubtedly choose the Baleno thank you.

  • Standout features

    The maruti suzuki baleno is a stylish and practical hatchback that offers impressive performance, Comfort, And fuel efficiency.Its sleek and modern design is sure to turn heads on the road, While its spacious and well-equipped cabin provides a comfortable and convenient driving experience.One of the standout features of the baleno is its fuel efficiency, Thanks to its lightweight body and efficient engine.This makes it an ideal choice for those who are looking for a car that can save them money on fuel costs without sacrificing performance or style.The car's handling is another area where it excels, With its smooth and responsive steering making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces and navigate through traffic.Its suspension system provides a comfortable ride, Even on bumpy roads, While its powerful brakes ensure excellent stopping power.Inside, The baleno offers a premium and feature-packed cabin, With a touchscreen infotainment system, Automatic climate control, And a host of safety features such as dual airbags and abs.The car's spacious cabin can comfortably seat five passengers, With plenty of legroom and headroom for even taller occupants.Overall, The maruti suzuki baleno is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a practical and stylish hatchback that offers impressive performance, Comfort, And fuel efficiency.Its affordability and low running costs make it a top pick in its class, And its excellent build quality and reliability make it a wise long-term investment.

  • Completely inside

    Hello, I am mohan, Here’s my experience with baleno i am using baleno car since last 3 years.I like my car very much.Because this car gives me premium feel according to me.Its speaker is also very good.The company has also given many features which the rest of the car does not give in this budget.I like its design too.And talking about its speed, It is very good the pickup is also good.I live in delhi and it gives me the average of 14km/l inside delhi.But when i use it on the highway, It gives me an average of 22 which i think very nice.And the fog lamps that come in it make its design even better.I haven’t felt any drawback in driving it till date.I have driven a lot of cars in this budget but i like my card the best.But but butit has only one drawback, That is its body.It have very light body! if it touches even a little bit, Then that portion goes completely inside.Just maruti suzuki disappointing me here.If they makes its body strong then i can say that in this budget it will be the best car in future! i would recommend this car to those people who know how to drive properly and whose chances of accidents are very less and those who do not live in mountain-like areas.I hope this information is useful for youthank you.

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