Top Ten Facts about motor oils

  • Aug 23, 2012
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Some workshops will advise you to get all motor oils replaced at each service interval. In actual, is this really the case? Here are the top ten facts about motor oils

Motor Oils

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1.    Motor oils do not just mean engine oil. A number of mechanical components are like transmission and brakes use their respective motor oil. Make sure to get them replaced as needed.

2.    Synthetic engine oil protects your vehicle under extreme conditions. But, will not increase performance or efficiency substantially.

3.    Motor oils for different components have different ratings and viscosity. Use with extreme care in case you are changing them yourself.

4.    There are three types of motor oils – Mineral/regular, Semi-synthetic and Synthetic. Be sure to check for the SAE international rating to match that of the vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer.

5.    High engine speeds induce more stress on vehicle components. Make sure to get motor oils checked and replaced if needed.

6.    Commonly known as the ‘Dark Oil Myth’, partially dark motor oil does not indicate an oil change. However, make sure it is replaced at the right oil change interval, either after a certain number of kilometres have been covered, or in terms of sheer time lapse.

7.    Service intervals and replacing motor oils vary from place to place. Make sure you consult your mechanic about the ideal time of servicing, or it is always a good idea to refer to your car’s owner’s manual.

8.    While getting motor oil changed, make sure filters for the same are also replaced. They are the first line of defence against impurities and protect the component.

9.    Getting motor oil changed too frequently won’t do any good. Change the oil only if it benefits the vehicle. Non-synthetic oils should undergo replacement at 5000km interval.

10.    Today’s car design and equipment does not make it too easy to change the oil at home and especially the filter. It can be very tricky and might need special tools, which vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. In certain cases, accessing the oil filter may entail removal of other components from the engine bay or sump guard. So unless you are experienced with working on your car yourself, it’s a job best left to the professionals. What you can do easily do at home is top-up various oils and fluids if their level has dropped down.

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