Fuel Efficiency Guide

Fuel Efficiency Guide
Driving Tips
Coasting and slip streaming
Coasting and slip-streaming can save a lot of fuel
Drag or wind resistance is the main cause of high fuel...
Avoiding unnecessary idling
Turn off engine while stationary to avoid unnecessary idling
When you are stationary, you don't need the engine...
Clutching it right
Clutching it right
Clutch action can save you fuel. How? Find out
Maintenance Tips
Knowing your engine
BMW M3 Engine for representation purpose only
Engine is the heart of your car. Knowing it well and...
Effects of engine oil on fuel economy
Synthetic engine oil
The type of engine oil can make a huge difference to the...
Mileage friendly Vehicle
Efficient Aerodynamics
Porsche 911 GT3 RS to depict efficient Aerodynamics
The science of cutting through air is paramount in...
Weight reduction
Weight reduction - Carry stuff only when needed
Weight is the biggest enemy of fuel economy. The basic rule...
Start-Stop Systems
Start-stop system
A start-stop system turns your engine off when you are...