Kia Carens vs Seltos Family Feud II: Ride, Handling & Performance Compared

  • by Team ZigWheels
  • March 10, 2022
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The Kia Carens made quite the splash when it launched and paired with its sibling, the Seltos, makes perfect sense to be pitched together in a comparison. They are similar in cost, have the same drivetrains and are based on the same platform too. The Sletos also hasn’t visited this test and considering we rated it highly in the ‘handling’ department when we first experienced it, this was the perfect time to see if our feelings held true. SUV vs reactionary vehicle, premium vs practical, it’s not likely that these two vehicles would come together on paper. But at a showroom, with them placed side by side and priced so close together, this just might help you pick the right combination for you. Family Feud Part I: SUV vs Sedan: Kia Carens: Kia Seltos:
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