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  • 4.3
    Good 2years

    I have driving experience in good 2years, mileage also better 19 km, Pick up also smooth verient, Service should be not repair but i have service 7k, Engine good condition, But build quality better

  • 5.0
    no experience and I

    no experience and I don't know about details. I will buy cars for family purpose


    Performance is fine, Road grip is good, But failure in fuel efficiency bumper to bumper mileage in petrol is 3 - 5 kmpl and in city 7 - 9 kmpl.This is disgusting.

  • Move ahead

    Hi, I have purchased seltos htk imt diesel, It was delivered 2 weeks back.Existing imt users, Anyone faced issues with creep/crawl/hill start assist functionality in first gear in imt gearbox, When i am stuck at traffic signals, And roads has small slopes like 5 degrees or 10 degrees, Then in first gear, The crawl/hill start assist functionality does not work as expected, My car rolls backwards slightly and i have to manually press accelerator asap to avoid further rollback.The car does not hold for 3 seconds at all, It rolls backwards as soo as i release the break.Same thing happens for reverse gear, If there is 5-10 degrees slope, Car moves forward, And i have to press accelerator asap to avoid movement ahead.Fyi, Hill assist feature working fine on steep slopes in hilly roads, Mall ramps.The car holds for 2-3 seconds and enough time to move ahead without rollback.

  • 4.7
    Hello I have Kia Seltos gtx

    Hello i have kia seltos gtx plus 2019 model manual version, And i hv already rate this vehicle with highly recommended, However i hv nt tried yet with 2023 model but i know kia literally doesnt disappoint his owners.

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