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BGauss D15 i

39 reviews Write & win ₹ 2000

BGauss D15 i is the mid variant in the D15 lineup and is priced at Rs. 1.46 Lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). This i variant comes with an engine putting out and of max power and max torque respectively. BGauss D15 i is available in 5 colours : Blue, White, Grey, Green and Red.

  • Ex-Showroom PriceRs. 1.46 Lakh
  • RTO + OthersNA
  • InsuranceRs. 5,882
  • On Road Price in DelhiRs. 1.52 Lakh
  • Change City   EMI starts @ Rs.140/day
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Key Features of D15 i

  • Low Battery Indicator

BGauss Showrooms in Delhi

Change City
  • AAR AAR Mittal & Sons
    • G3, G4, G5, G6, G7 Vardhman Premium Mall, Outer Ring Road, Deepali Pitampura, Delhi, 110034
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    • Ground floor, Plot No. 10, Kh. No. 324, Min Nehru Garden, Najafgarh, West , Delhi, 110043
    Navigation Direction
  • Aar Aar Mittal
    • G3, G4, G5, G6, G7 Vardhman Premium Mall, Outer Ring Road, Deepali Pitampura, New , Delhi, 110034
    Navigation Direction
  • Evosta Mobility Pvt Ltd
    • EVosta Mobility Pvt Ltd, S-8 (RHS), Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II, South , Delhi, 110020
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All Specs & Features of BGauss D15 i

Body Type
Electric Bikes
Seat Type
Push Button Start
Mobile Application
Trip Meter
Charging Point
Distance to Empty Indicator
Low Battery Indicator
Passenger Footrest
Swappable battery
Continuous Power
1500 W
Max Torque
110 Nm
Motor IP Rating
Drive Type
Hub Motor
Fuel Type
Brakes Front
Brakes Rear
Braking Type
Combine Braking System
Performance and Fuel economy
Top Speed
60 km/Hr
Tyres and Wheels
Tyre Size
Front :-2.50-16, Rear :-2.75-16
Wheel Size
Front :-406.4 mm,Rear :-406.4 mm
Tyre Type
Wheels Type (Pressed Steel/ Alloy)
Aluminium Alloy
Seat height
765 mm
1868*977*1200 mm3
1260 mm
1868 mm
Ground Clearance
175 mm
1200 mm
977 mm
Kerb Weight
107 Kg
Tail Light
USB charging port
Battery Type
Claimed range
115 km/charge
Motor Type
Additional Features
(Riding Modes - Eco, Sports, Reverse), Battery Weight - 20 Kgs, Charger Authentication, Seat Length - 770 mm, Regenerating Braking, Drive Switch, Handle Bar Lock, Short Circuit Protection, Communication Protocol, Riding Efficiency (Mileage), Battery Pairing with Vehicle, Temperature Based Performance Derating, Motor to Function while Braking, Limphome on Fault Detection, Roll Over Sensor, Buzzer
115 km/charge
Fast Charging
Fast Charging Time
1 hours 30 minutes
Charging Time
5.5 Hr
Charging Time(0-80%)
4 hours
Charging Time(0-100%)
5 hours 30 minutes
Turn Signal Lamp

Other variants of BGauss D15 & Compare

Variants Ex-Showroom Price

D15 i

115 km/charge . 5.5 Hr
Rs. 1.46 Lakh
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D15 Pro

115 km/charge . 5.5 Hr
Rs. 1.59 Lakh
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BGauss D15 User Reviews

Based on 39 reviews & 9 rating
Write & win ₹ 2000
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  • Overall the performance and

    Overall the performance and built by quality is top notch about this bguass is high class bike

  • Overall the performance and

    Overall the performance and built by quality is top notch about this bguass is high class bike

  • Unleashing the Power of Tomorrow

    An everyday commuter electric scooter that is both stylish and functional, the BGauss D15 provides a ride with reliable performance. With orthodox motor-drive, the ride is smooth and speedy over all shells. It's tough and really practical Two-wheeler design makes it more useful as an everyday ride. Control, and rigidity help distinguish the D15 from other five-strings. Some further features could make it even more lovable. With proper maintenance and care, the BGauss will serve as a counterbalance between control and practicality for those seeking to avoid becoming victims of today's commute.

  • Silent hustler for eco nsidering Civic Mobility!

    Stealthily gliding through megacity thoroughfares, the BGauss D15 emerges as an implied icon of electric fineness. This strictly drafted scooter marries authority and equipoise, offering a tale- quiet trip powered by a robust electric motor. Its satiny project whispers of complication, concealing within it a digital prowess and effective retardation. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, the D15 quietly title holders sustainability, with an emotional range and adaptable battery options. The BGauss D15 is a covert manpower, reshaping the civic commute without leaving a trace, as if the future itself moves among us, undetected by usual eyes.

  • very comfortable

    The BGauss D15 is an in-vogue and dynamic electric bike raised for standard driving, outfitting a solid and employable riding experience. Solid translation from the electric engine ensures a speedy and skilled ride across various shells. The D15's bike makes it more helpful for standard activity with its hearty development and ergonomic solace. The Control and unbending nature of the D15 cause it to sit out, for sure assuming further elements might make it enchanting. For riders showing up for an electric bike that finds some kind of harmony between Control and reasonableness, BGauss has effectively fostered a gadget that can repulse the difficulties of standard driving.

  • 2.6
    Weak scooter

    Weak scooter! less safe overpriced dud scooter with low range and lacks even navigation display!! : 1)d15 is delayed more than double the time (i.E 7 seconds) to just reach 40km speed (from 0), While many scooters priced over 1lakh+ cost take around 3 seconds, So d15 is 230% slower to even 40kmph speed! how can such slow scooter be priced 1.15 lakh is beyond us.2) disc brakes reduce braking-distance and gives us more opportunities to prevent collision, Even some 10 year old 100cc scooters have disc brakes, But this d15 comes with drum brakes!! 3) for 1.1 lakhs simple energy one scooter has navigation display in scooter, 1.22 laksh for okhi90 scooter, But this d15pro charged at 1.15 lakshs does not even have a color display! no navigation display obviously 4) for 1.1 lakhs simple energy range is about 220+kms, Okhi90 scooter range is about 160kms for 1.22 lakhs, But this d15 pro even at 1.15 lakhs claims just 115kms range! thus this is a weak, Very slow, Unsafe(drum brakes), Less range, Less feature (lacks even navigation/color display) scooter.

  • BGauss D15 Dynamic Cruising, My Eco-Friendly Journ

    A great choice like me and those appearing for an fine, dégagé, and long- range electric scooter is the BGauss D15. It's acceptably priced at ₹ 99,999(ex-showroom) and offers a canny sitting situation with cornucopia of legroom and useful under- seat storage. With a remarkable range of over to 150 km and a charging time of 5 – 6 hours, it meets the demands of riders who want to ride for longer periods of time. The scooter's sporting appearance, along with its satiny and contemporary design, enhances its visual solicitation. The interior has a clear seat on interpretation and technology and is both well- leveled and useful. The BGauss D15 is a great option for anyone appearing for an each- around electric scooter experience.

  • Powerful and Practical Electric Commuter

    The BGauss D15 is a Fashionable and active electric scooter erected for standard commuting, furnishing a reliable and operative riding experience. Strong interpretation from the electric motor guarantees a quick and competent ride across a variety of shells. The D15's two wheeler makes it more useful for standard operation with its robust construction and ergonomic comfort. The Control and rigidity of the D15 make it sit out, indeed if further features may make it more charming. For riders appearing for an electric scooter that strikes a balance between Control and practicality, BGauss has successfully developed a device that can repel the adversities of standard commuting.

  • Comfort and Efficiency in Style

    Thе BGauss D15 is a rеmarkablе еlеctric scootеr that combinеs comfort, еfficiеncy, and stylе sеamlеssly. With its slееk and modеrn dеsign, this scootеr catchеs thе еyе and turns hеads whеrеvеr I go. Thе D15's еlеctric motor providеs a smooth and quiеt ridе, making my commutеs a plеasurе. Thе scootеr's long-lasting battеry еnsurеs a dеcеnt rangе, giving mе thе confidеncе to tacklе daily ridеs without worry. Thе comfortablе sеating and spacious storagе compartmеnt add to its practicality. Thе BGauss D15 is a pеrfеct choicе for thosе who valuе both aеsthеtics and functionality in thеir еlеctric scootеr.

  • D15 User Reviews

Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying D15

Q. What is the wheelbase of the BGauss D15?
  • The BGauss D15 has a wheelbase of 1260 mm.
Q. Where is the service center?
  • For this, you may click on the given link and select your city accordingly for your nearest authorized service center.
Q. When it is available in showroom?
  • Available in our Jamakhandi city
  • Pinku kumar

BGauss D15 i Variant FAQs

What is the on- road price of the BGauss D15 i?

BGauss D15 i's on- road price is Rs 1.52 Lakh.

What is the mileage of the BGauss D15 i?

BGauss D15 i's mileage is 115 km/charge

How many colors does the BGauss D15 i?

BGauss D15 i is available in 5 colors.

BGauss D15 Colours

BGauss D15 bike is available in 5 exciting colours options like Blue, White, Grey, Green and Red.
  • Blue
  • White
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Red

D15 i Images

  • Front Left View of D15
  • Head Light of D15
  • Seat of D15
  • Rear Tyre View of D15
  • Front Tyre View of D15
  • Front Suspension View of D15 6 more

D15 i News Updates

BGauss Takes On The Big Leagues With The New D15 Electric Scooter

It offers a claimed range of 115km and 60kmph top speed

May 16, 2022

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