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Audi e-tron
Audi e-tron
Rs. 1.02 Crore
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Audi e-tron User Reviews

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  • Feature loaded

    It is a high price electric SUV that has a very stunning look and the claimed range of this electric SUV is around 400 km but it is very low for the premium high price car. It is the most feature loaded electric car with the fast moving and the interior is very decent and both the rows offers good amount of comfort and space but other electric premium car offers more in this price. The driving experience of this SUV is quite nice and the cabin of this electric car is very high quality and is a high tech car.

  • Audi e-tron Electric Power, Audi Excellence

    The Audie-tron is a special option for driver like me who watch about the terrain since it demonstrates electric Power and Audi's fidelity to quality. Because it offers a design and environmentally friendly driving experience, thee-tron's prideful electric technology and satiny looks are the main reasons I like it. All my family members will have a safe and pleasurable ride in thee-tron thanks to its wide innards and more advanced security measures. In extension to lowering when i go tours, Audi has played to produce a supercar with outstanding best experience and fineness. Because of thee-tron's higher electric powertrain, superb Audi workmanship, and environmental company, it's my favorite auto.

  • Awsome interior

    The real world driving range of Audi e-tron in the city is around 350 km and in the highways its is around 382 km. The performance of this luxury electric car us quick and superb and is most comfortable and the power delivery is very smooth but the driving range is not good. After waiting for the 5 months finally i got my Audi e-tron and is very silent and the interior is very nice and luxury with the high level of material and quality but the price is high.

  • High Performing and Practical Electric

    My family bought this car few months before, The e-tron has good pickup and acceleration, It is quick for me . My family shared-joy at the planned trip. There is ample room making it a good choice for my family. The e-tron is an expensive SUV, even for a luxury brand.The e-tron doesn't have wide variety of colors. The Audi e-tron is a luxurious and comfortable SUV that offers a quiet and smooth ride.

  • Comfortable cabin and interior

    I am not totally satisfied with this model , It has Plush interior, quiet ride, smooth suspension absorbs bumps well. Also Plenty of space for passengers and cargo. It has Peppy acceleration, good handling for a big SUV. It's Range isn't the best compared to some newer EVs, meaning more frequent charging stops on long trip. It starts at over $70,000, a high price tag. The Audi e-tron is a luxurious and comfortable electric SUV that delivers a smooth and powerful driving experience.

  • Silent Adventures

    Rich and captivating, the Audi E Tron is an electric SUV that highlights maintainability while providing a premium driving experience. The innards give it a warm and refined landscape, while its silky and modern project highlights its electrifying character. The e-electric tron's drivetrain provides a silent, rapid boost in speed. Given the importance of accurate aim and rapid fire, the acceleration is emotionally charged. In everyday driving and on longer parts, the e-tron's reach is sufficient. Everything within is pleasant and well-proportioned, with strong limbs and advanced features.

  • Redefines Electric Mobility

    With its Modern Design and Modern technology, the Audie-tron redefines electric Safety as you step into the now. ultramodern Safety can now be made fairly and sustainably with thee-tron's electric powertrain, ample shacks, and ingenious features. Thee-tron provides a smooth, affable, provident, and environmentally responsible ride whether touring long distances and negotiating metropolitan Highways. Every point of the Audie-tron, from its ultramodern infotainment system to its lean bodywork, is Aspects to ameliorate my driving experience and reshape the now of transportation.

  • Where Innovation Meets Sustainability

    The Audie-tron offers a Modern driving experience by symbiotically linking invention and sustainability in the now. I'm a huge addict ofeco-friendly results and cutting bite technology, therefore I'm veritably impressed with this model'soffer.However, this car stands out thanks to its electric motor and ultramodern amenities, If i am appearing for a more environmentally friendly expressway to travel without losing fineness. The model's capacity to review sustainability and give innovational results has made a continuing jolt on me, making it my top pick for electric SUVs.

  • Redefining Electric Luxury

    One of the best luxurious, quick and practical EV as per me is the Audi E-tron. It's dual electric motors will launch it from 0 to 60 mph in fewer than five seconds and can go as far as 238 miles on a charge. The inside has lots of features, extensive technology, space and luxury. The e-tron’s well-tuned air suspension system can be adjusted to guarantee that the ride is as relaxing or as invigorating as possible. The e-tron offers mind-blowing and technologically superior performance segments blended with its “green” environmental characteristics.

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