Vespa VXL 150 Images

  • Right Side View of VXL 150
    Right Side View
  • Left Side View of VXL 150
    Left Side View
  • Front Right View of VXL 150
    Front Right View
  • Front View of VXL 150
    Front View
  • Rear View of VXL 150
    Rear View
  • Head Light of VXL 150
    Head Light
  • Tail Light of VXL 150
    Tail Light
  • Seat of VXL 150
  • Rear Tyre View of VXL 150
    Rear Tyre View
  • Front Tyre View of VXL 150
    Front Tyre View
  • Handle Bar View of VXL 150
    Handle Bar View
  • Front Indicator View of VXL 150
    Front Indicator View
  • Front Brake View of VXL 150
    Front Brake View
  • Foot Space View of VXL 150
    Foot Space View
  • Rear Brake of VXL 150
    Rear Brake
Vespa VXL 150 Brochure

Vespa VXL 150 2024 Brochure

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Vespa VXL 150
Vespa VXL 150
Rs. 1.46 Lakh
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Vespa VXL 150 User Reviews

Based on 48 reviews & 78 rating
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  • Service (6)
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  • Amazing scooty

    It's an amazing scooty.It's an amazing driving experience.While driving it is so smooth and comfortable.

  • Engine performance

    Engine performance is good and suspension is not comfortable how can i solve suspension

  • stylish and classic scooter

    I got the opportunity to drive The Vespa SXL 150 and got a wonderful experience. The Vespa SXL 150 is a stylish and classic scooter. It has a strong 150cc motor, which makes it good for city rides . It's easy to handle and the ride feels smooth on uneven roads. The build quality is really strong . It has new features like LED lights and a digital display. While it is not the most powerful scooter . If you want a scooter that is both fashionable and fun to ride, the Vespa SXL 150 is a perfect choice.

  • 1.0
    Wort experience

    Wort experience and many issues with vehicle 1) check-engine light always on.2) headlight not constant, It blinks on it's own.3) vehicle not starting with kick leaver4) battery discharged overnightall above issue within three days of purchase.Not reliable- new vehicle could not start and i am stranded away from home.

  • not comparable.

    I purchased this Vespa  in Jaipur. The scooty looked fantastic, however the showroom service was appalling. These folks are so morally bankrupt. I had a specific shade in mind, but I ended up scrapping it. I told them I wanted a different scooter, and they told me not to worry and to go home because we would bring you a different scooter. I spent a day away from home. I was really upset to return to see that they had coloured the identical scooty and gave it to me. The scooty had been coloured, and even the blind could see it. Even the on-road cost listed on bikewale is not comparable.

  • 3.0
    Water ingression

    I am a vespa owner for the past three months in kochi and i have to say that the after sales services provided by vespa and aprilia dealer is nowhere near to even the standards of honda or hero scooter services.My scooter had major electrical issues from the factory and died completely while on road during a christmas midnight.Then i had to push the scooter all the way to my home and called road side assistance in the morning and they came and took the scooter to the service centre and i picked it up two days later with the rear number plate dented and scratched.Again the same electrical issue happened and this time i met with an accident as a result of it.After questioning them their quality of services and expressing my frustration of spending 1.4 lakhs on a scooter that constantly breaks down, They agreed to look into it thoroughly and they replaced the complete fly wheel magneto assembly.I reported the same to vespa customer care and till now, I have not received a follow up call from them.As a result of the accident, My brand new scooter has scratches on its body and when i asked them to fix it as it was not caused due to my negligence, They just painted the centre stand after i insisted a lot and said that the rest of the scratches are negligible.As i didn't have time to spare behind this vehicle anymore, I just left it as it is and is thinking of fixing it under insurance later.I have to say that any people looking forward to buying aprilia or vespa must make sure that the dealer who services your vehicle has a good reputation and is committed.I had a small talk with the new customers of vespa and aprilia and have come to know that some are facing electrical issues with the vehicle.So, Please research well before spending such a huge amount of money.Even though i am a vespa owner, I don't find it worth spending so much considering its low mileage, Dearer spare parts and low quality after sales service.I would personally not recommend any of their scooters to my dear and near ones as a person who is using it daily.The electrical issue that i had come across is just one among all the issues that i have faced since purchase.The other issues include, Engine oil leak from drain bolt and engine oil filler cap after first service due to failure to replace the respective gaskets, Water ingression in rear left indicator due to a broken indicator assembly from factory which i fixed using araldite and ignition coil fault that caused frequent ignition failures.All these have happened only within the second service of this scooter and i feel like selling this scooter off as soon as possible but is still holding onto it because of the huge amount of money that i have spent on it.So, Please verify with anyone whom you know have purchased from a dealer nearby you before spending such a large amount.If you have no sources then, At least check for google reviews and read all reviews carefully.Please, I have suffered a lot and now i don't want anybody else falling unknowingly into their 'premium experience' tagline.So, Kindly research a lot and invest your hard earned money wisely.

  • Practical features

    I've had the vespa vxl for a while, And i must say that it's a decent scooter.The style is excellent, And it looks fantastic on the road.Although it can be a little bouncy on difficult roads, The ride quality is nevertheless rather good.However, It also uses a little more gasoline.The vxl has certain practical features that make riding it more convenient and safe, Such as a front disc brake, Tubeless tyres, And a digital speedometer.Although adequate, The storage capacity is not ideal for larger baggage.Overall, I believe the vespa vxl is a fantastic scooter and something to contemplate if you're looking for a beautiful and enjoyable ride.

  • I advised my sister to think

    I advised my sister to think about vespa vxl while she was shopping for a scooter, And here's why.Vespa vxl provides a dependable and pleasant riding experience in addition to an attractive and classic style.Its high gasoline tank capacity guarantees that my sister won't have to worry about needing to refuel frequently.The scooter is perfect for daily travel because to its smooth performance and agile handling.As a result of the vespa brand's reputation for quality and dependability, Long-term owners may feel secure.Vespa vxl proved to be the ideal option for my sister's requirements, Fusing flair, Use, And dependability.

  • Build quality

    My neighbour recently purchased a vespa vxl, And i've been jealous ever since.This scooter emanates class and elegance.The sleek design of vespa vxl, With its chrome highlights and retro-inspired curves, Is just stunning.Seeing my neighbour ride vespa vxl comfortably across the neighbourhood helps me appreciate its smooth ride and simplicity of handling.The build quality is excellent, And the attention to detail is seen in all aspects of the scooter.A vespa vxl would surely improve my daily commute and add a touch of elegance to my life.I highly recommend it to someone looking for a fashionable dependable scooter.

  • Engine capacity

    Vespa vxl has stylish features- vespa vxl and other sibling models of vespa segment is different in engine capacity but also in looks.Sibling models generally differ in engine and price range but i liked this thing about vespa that it did focus on individual scooter.The stylish features of vespa vxl were that one thing which attracted me the most towards it.The light blue color shades feel nice and joyful.The price range is on the affordable side.The wheelbase is good enough lengthy giving good ground clearance along with good build-up as well.The mileage is amazing as i get approx.38kmpl.

  • VXL 150 User Reviews

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