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Subash Rai
Subash Rai 5.0 24 Sep 2019

FloksI had been riding this bike since I purchased and it"s good for longer trip especially to the hills, I always enjoy going on this for longer trips and main advantage of this bike is its sitting posture which will reduce your back pain comparing other bikes.It"s extra large fuel tank will give you 650 to 700 kms continuous ride without refueling. Its weight of 190 kgs will give you firm grip even if you will exceed above 100 speed only thing is you have to modify your handle bar a little bit to reduce the vibration but I am ok with it I want to feel like I am riding on a wild bull and make sure your bike is maintained well every 3 months interval. Always know this every bike has pros & cons ,my suggestions to TB 350 Lovers please don"t get carried away by few negative feeds.It"s totally upon you how you will deal with this machine and see how it will respond.Every bike is made for their own purposes and TB-350 is Cruising Bike and definitely it"s not made for sporting.

Uses this bike for : Leisure Rides | Occasional Commute
Gets mileage of : 35 kmpl
Aditya Nalawade
Aditya Nalawade 4.6 16 Feb 2019

Daily commute- Comfortable,Easy to maneuver, good turning radius, All goodies are packed inside even for daily commuteTouring-Tank range is huge as it has 21litres fuel tank.Engine doesn"t heat up,can tour all day long widout any issues.Great provision for saddle just pull out a cable remove pillion seat and you are ready to go.Pillion seat comfort is kind of good.Only issue is the seat which bit hardPerformance-Well it"s a air cooled,long stroke,cruiser. Cruiser has a good midrange and this bike has it. Take a corner and it will surprise you until you are scraping footpegs all over. Vibration will start creeping at speeds over 90 kmph but if you opt for semi synthetic oil or synthetic man it makes a hell lot of difference.Maintenance-Easy on pocket,You have to replace speedometer bracket atleast once.Fuel gauge is just for decorative purpose never depend on it.Suggestions-Try Semi-synthetic, Synthetic oils, never push it for offroading

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 37 kmpl
Adhyatm Dixit
Adhyatm Dixit 2.2 13 Nov 2019

bike is nice for a nostalgic value, performance wise its not up there, too heavy and breaking isn't great even with the disk breaks. acceleration and mileage both take a hit due to its weight. The bike is not comfortable at all for long trips with its sitting and leg positions. Its definitely not a cruiser. It gives bad back pains during long rides. Most frustrating with it is the engine noise. even after being so expensive , the engine noise makes it less appealing. And also less refined.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours | Leisure Rides | Occasional Commute
Shanmuga Raja
Shanmuga Raja 4.6 27 Nov 2019

Its the bike , where one who can use for all purposes like daily commuting, touring.Quite heavy ,but a safety vehicle.For maintenance we should find a good mechanic across our cities.even the Showroom ppl were not good upto the extent.if we found a good mechanic your vehicle will rock always

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 45 kmpl
Ashish George
Ashish George 4.6 23 Aug 2019

amazing machine..loved it..large wheel makes all potholes on road unnoticable..long rides are comfortables with less backache..milage is 40 + when driven correctly...electric starter is underpowered. rear break is underpowered..maintanance is kind of ok ok

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 40 kmpl
Shivanand Sajjan
Shivanand Sa.. 2.6 1 Oct 2019

Worst after-sales service by Royal Enfield, the electronic city motors is one of the worst provider and change or fit the parts without consent and loot the money. I"m already feeling bad about myself for opting this eicher-RE made shitty/crappol bike.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 27 kmpl
Ananya Vasudev
Ananya Vasudev 3.4 7 Dec 2019

Still the vehicle is under warranty. RE is some what stupid. Their PDI is worst. Within fourth free service , Front console of speedometer had to be changed twice., Seat once, Gear shifting issues etc. Apart from that it is good

Uses this bike for : Tours
Ayan Chakraborty
Ayan Chakrab.. 5.0 29 Sep 2019

So far so good, I have ridden 30k+ km, changed wiring, chain sprocket and rear tyre that"s all, no grave complaint so far, my point of view it is a complete highway cruiser. I even did some off roading too.

Uses this bike for : Tours
Gets mileage of : 30 kmpl
Joseph Abraham
Joseph Abraham 4.6 5 Jan 2019

I purchased my dream bike, "thunderbird 350" on September 2018.I have already crossed 8000 kmtrs in this past 4 months.My experience with the thunderbird 350 is quiet pleasant.The only issue is with the service.See, if anything is happening, you may have to go to the service center for morethan 4 times to get the issue sorted.The service is too bad.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 38 kmpl
Santosh Nikam
Santosh Nikam 3.0 30 Aug 2019

Very cheap quality material used to built the bike, within 2-3 years need to replace oil seals, silencer get damaged due to rusting, very bad experience by investing this much money.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 36 kmpl
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