Nissan Micra XV D: 5000km Long Term Review

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  • Jul 14, 2014
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It's time to say goodbye to the long term Nissan Micra diesel. Here's how it did in the three months it was with us

Nissan Micra Diesel



It’s been three months and more than 5,000km since I got my hands on the Nissan Micra diesel and as I bid adieu to it this month, I reinstate the fact that it is one of the most underrated hatchbacks on sale currently. In my previous reports I have already spoken about the brilliant 1.5-litre mill and the fact that throughout these three months it has proven to be extremely frugal. 


Further, in the time it has been with me, aside from the routine drive to office and back it has also been out for quite a few highway hauls, sometimes with five adults on board. Even with three adults at the back, one doesn’t really have to struggle for shoulder room. Space for knee too is in plenty and that without having to compromise on the under thigh support. The 251- litre boot isn’t the best-in-class but big enough to fit the luggage of a family of four for a weekend out to a nearby hill station. And for those who like to store a few other things inside the cabin, there is also an additional compartment above the glove box for extra storage. 



Nissan Micra rear



While there is space and comfort for all, things behind the wheel are also quite easy. Thanks to the light-weight steering wheel, manoeuvring through the busy streets of Mumbai doesn’t seem like a challenge. The XV variant also sports steering mounted controls and Bluetooth telephony both of which make driving in the city absolutely convenient. The only setback with the Bluetooth connectivity is that you can’t make calls using the steering mounted controls, one needs to use the buttons on the centre console instead.   


Three months have passed in a jiffy and the journey with the Micra has been nothing short of spectacular. The time to say the goodbye has come and I can say for sure that the Micra will be missed.  


Date Acquired: April 2014
Total km till date: 5,127km
Fuel consumed: 131.63 litres (Since Last Report; Total distance: 2580km) 
Efficiency: 19.6kmpl (As tested)
Cheers: Comfort, features
Sneers: Headlights
Total Cost: Nil

Recommended Variant : Micra XL Diesel

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