Hyundai Elite i20 5000km Long Term Review

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  • Nov 13, 2014
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2 months and 5000km later, is the Hyundai Elite i20 still as good a proposition as it first was?

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Hyundai Elite i20 in action



To start with, the fact that the Hyundai Elite i20 not only took top honours in our hatchback shootout but also dominated against the compact sedan Honda Amaze and the compact SUV Ford EcoSport speaks volumes about the car and it’s potential. 


And that was something I came to realise when we did the inter-segment shootout. At first the Elite i20 did come across as an expensive proposition considering the fact that it is a hatchback, but once you get beyond the price, it starts to make a lot of sense as an all round product. 


I recently made a trip out of town with family and I have to say the insides of the Elite i20 are generous with regards to space and comfort. Unlike most hatchbacks of its class, three at the back could sit in absolute comfort. 


While there is little to criticise about the interiors or space, the same cannot be said about the instrument cluster. Although easy to read, it lacks some very basic features. It reflects some very silly information like average speed and total time travelled instead of range and average efficiency. 



Hyundai Elite i20 rear



On the technical front, although the Elite i20 is at par in terms of power with most of its competition and has a higher torque rating than most, the fact that it comes into its own only post 2000rpm does make it a task to drive in the city. The tall gear ratios demand a few too many shifts while in traffic, and it can surely get a bothersome after a while. 


Gearbox ratios aside, the Hyundai Elite i20 is very easy to live with. The light clutch and steering wheel makes the drive back home from office a piece of cake. What would otherwise have been a pain in the neck cutting lanes thanks to the diversions on the road, is effortless thanks to great visibility on all four corners.   


To wrap it up, two months and 5000km into its long term tenure, I have come to accept the few imperfections that the Elite i20 has and enjoy it for what it is.  


Date Acquired: September 2014

Total km till date: 6938km

Fuel consumed: 119.20 litres (Total distance since last report: 1,955km) 

Efficiency: 16.4kmpl (As tested)

Cheers: Space, Premium feel

Sneers: Needs a more informative instrument cluster 

Total Cost: Nil


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