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  • the Electric Revolution in Two Wheels!"

    Okinawa Lite is an excellent electric scooter which provides you with an easy going as well as environment friendly mode of traveling. Lite has a sleek and stylish look which suits an urban rider in mind. It is due to this that the car’s electric motor delivers a soundless, gentle ride suitable for urban commutes. Light constructedness of a scooter also provides flexibility in moving on the crowded roads. Lite has a good range of one charge for every day’s commuting. Smart features have been incorporated in Okinawa, enhancing it with modern features while making it friendly to use. In summary, the Okinawa Lite is an effective, energy-efficient, and stylish alternative in the electric scooter market for achieving sustainable urban mobility.

  • Okinawa Lite Light and Green Commuting

    The Okinawa Lite has appended a touch of verdant to my City trip, giving away a featherlight and ecofriendly electric scooter Independence. Its fragile shape and electric Control make it whirlwind and effective for handling megacity business. The Lite's simplicity and release of use append to a hasslefree riding experience. While fresh features could enhance its supplication, the Lite's drive to offering a useful and verdant City transportation option is estimable. Okinawa's seat on creating accessible and environmentally conscious electric scooters is showcased in the Lite, making it a dependable and simple Independence for City riders.

  • I am planning for brought Okinawa Lite

    I am planning for brought Okinawa Lite and today i am buying this scooter. I am buy this scooter for only my mother for her daily Usage work. Electric scooter is Also cheaper than any other types of fuel Vehicles. We have Solar panel on roof, so it benefits for us. The price range of Okinawa Lite is around 67 thousand. The Riding Range of scooter is approx 60 km per charge. The Charging Time taken by battery is 4 to 5 Hours.

  • Affordable price

    It is a good looking scooter and the driving range is around 60 km per charge and the top speed is around 5 kmph. The price is very affordable and can be fully charge in 4 to 5 hours. It gets a front disc brake but brand value is very poor and claimed range is very less. It is a funky looking electric scooter but unproven electric scooter for the market. The design is very modern and get alloy wheels and tubeless tyres and it comes with detachable battery.

  • Modern and affordable

    The design is quite modern with alloy wheels and tubeless tyres, as well as a removable battery and is a stylish scooter with a driving range of approximately 60 km per charge and a top speed of approximately 5 kmph. The cost is quite low and it can be fully charged in 4 to 5 hours and is a unique looking electric scooter but it is unproven in the market and has a front disc brake however the brand value is quite low and the claimed range is relatively short.

  • Redefines the Joy of Sustainable City Travel.

    The Okinawa Lite is the ultimateeco-friendly trading accompaniment. Developing an electric scooter with a seat on simplicity and sustainability. It's not precisely delicate and green, but it's also ready for municipality life. Reliable movie defenses give a safe trip. It may not be as showy as gigantic faves , but it's active and ecologically sustainable. This model's capacity to negotiate goods has pleasured me, and it appeals to individualities who value environmentally friendlytransportation.The two- wheeler electric motor is in excellent condition and has a decent range. It also seems to beamazing.The electric motor two- wheeler's swish project and hiss face truly attract concentration to it. It also has a voluminous election.

  • The Electric Revolution in Two Wheels

    The Okinawa Lite is a game- changer in the world of electric scooters. Its satiny project and emotional interpretation make it an absolute gas to ride. With a important electric motor, it painlessly tackles civic commutes, while the long- lasting battery ensures you will not be left stranded. The Lite's smart features like a digital exposition, anti-theft alarm, and movable connectivity elate the riding experience. What truly sets it piecemeal is its eco-friendliness, contributing to a cleaner planet. However, eco-conscious, and effective lift, If you are appearing for a swish.

  • Affordable price

    Okinawalite is the entry level low speed electric scooter. This scooter comes with the 200 W BLDC motor which is water proof and remains safer in the rainy season. The top speed of this electric scooter is less then 25 kmph so it does not requires RTO registration and Number plate. The storage space is 17 litres in this scooter, which is very less and can be improve. It consists of the LED headlamps, edgy design, LED speedometer, anti theft battery lock mechanism.Its battery is detachable and can be charge by using normal 5 A power socket.

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