Bajaj Discover 125ST sales stopped

Bajaj Auto has stopped domestic sales of the Discover 125ST, but will continue to produce it for exports

Bajaj Discover 125ST
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Poor sales performance in the domestic market has forced Bajaj Auto to pull its flagship Discover model, the Discover 125ST off the market. The Discover 125ST which was launched around two years back (in May 2012) was targeted at the enthusiast on a budget. It had the most powerful engine in its class with a 4-valve head and twin spark plugs. It was also the only motorcycle in its class to come with a monoshock. However, the relatively higher pricing of the Discover 125ST is the main reason for its poor showing. Another factor that contributed to the Discover 125ST's dismal sales performance was its high rear seat height, which made it difficult for the pillion, mainly ladies, to mount the bike.

The Discover 125ST is based on the more expensive of the current Discover platforms which it shares with the Discover 125T and 100T. It produces 13PS of max power coming in at a high 9,000rpm and has a claimed top speed of 105kmph. The fuel efficiency for the motorcycle under test conditions is rated at 77.1kmpl. To convey its intentions of being a sporty commuter, the Discover 125ST also only came with a 200mm petal front disc brake and no drum brake option. Bajaj has now pulled the Discover 125ST, which was priced at Rs 53,730 ex-showroom in Pune, off its website. This now limits Bajaj's 125 domestic range to three models: The Discover 125T now sits on top followed by the Discover 125M or new Discover 125, and the old shape Discover 125.

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