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3 Things To Expect From Upcoming Renault Duster In India

The Duster will be part of the new models that’ll come up as a result of the future product planning between Nissan and Renault

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The Renault Duster has arguably played a significant role in shaping one of the most prominent segments of the Indian automobile market. The compact SUV was initially launched in the country back in 2012 and was on sale until 2022, when Renault finally decided to pull the plug on it.

But thanks to a latest brand strategy of the Renault-Nissan Group, the SUV will likely make a comeback in the country in its third-generation avatar, which is still in the works. Oh, and it is also likely to birth a Nissan-badged twin just like the Terrano before. Here’s what you can expect from the new generation Renault Duster that’ll make its way to India by 2025:

Updated rugged styling

The Duster, even at the time of its discontinuation in India, sported a largely similar design to the original model, only receiving a few minor nips and tucks throughout its lifecycle here. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as proven by the second-generation model which is sold in markets abroad under the Dacia emblem. It sports the same boxy silhouette with flared wheel arches and retains the overall rugged looks.

We reckon Renault will continue with the robust demeanour that has been synonymous with the Duster, but will couple it with splashes of modern touches, just to up the ante on its premium quotient. The latter will also rely on how the cabin is setup, something that was in a desperate need of a rework with the previous model sold here, unlike its exterior styling. 

Updated powertrain

The third-generation Duster is likely to ditch the petrol-only powertrain for a hybrid alternative. Hybrid and electric powertrains aren’t a mystery for the compact SUV segment and although details are still scarce at the moment, it could get mild- and strong-hybrid petrol powertrain options, just like the Maruti Grand Vitara and Toyota Hyryder. A diesel powertrain is highly unlikely.

The compact SUV is likely to be built on a heavily localised CMF-B modular platform jointly developed by Nissan and Renault. The same can be expected for its Nissan-badged counterpart. 

Updated features

The generational update will likely bring about a few niceties to the Duster’s features list which could include multiple displays, ventilated seats, leatherette upholstery and even a suite of ADAS, given how popular the technology has become in modern day vehicles. 

The latter will bolster its list of safety features, which could additionally feature multiple airbags, tyre pressure monitoring system, hill assist and more.

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The Duster will be part of the range of new models that’ll surface as a result of the future product plans outlined by the two carmakers. The first model of the new batch is expected to surface sometime by 2024 followed by a launch soon after. 

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