BMW R20 Concept Bike Unveiled: 2000cc, With Just 2 Cylinders

  • May 27, 2024
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It has BMW Motorrad’s biggest engine ever

The new BMW R20 Concept was recently unveiled at Villa d’Este Concours in Italy. Interestingly, this is not the first time BMW has used the R20 moniker, as the name first appeared on a 200cc single-cylinder bike from before World War 2. The biggest talking point, quite literally, about this roadster is its humongous engine.

BMW R20 Engine

The BMW R20 has a 2000cc air-and oil-cooled boxer-twin engine, based on the R18’s 1802cc unit. BMW hasn’t disclosed the output, but for reference the R18 makes 92PS and 158Nm, which should be naturally jacked up on this. The engine gets new cylinder head covers, a new belt cover, and a new oil cooler. Giving it new cylinder head covers would be necessary with the increased displacement, though no word on whether it has an increased bore or stroke or both. All of this makes the two jutting cylinders on either side look even more imposing, and that’s without the exposed individual air intakes for each cylinder. That said, they might just be on the concept version.

BMW R20 Chassis, Suspension, & Brakes

The R20’s frame is a completely revised unit (from that on the R18), made of chromoly (chrome-molybdenum) steel tubes. It gets an Ohlins Blackline upside-down fork, and a Ohlins Blackline monoshock affixed to a paralever strut, both fully adjustable. 

The rear wheel is mounted on a paralever suspension unit, which consists of an aluminium strut and a chromoly swingarm.The exposed drive shaft sits between these arms on the right side of the bike, making the rear look like a piece of mechanical art. The shaft drive is also required for such a torquey engine for reliability and longevity. While a chain drive can do the job, such a high torque will warrant relatively frequent chain replacements. 

Stopping this behemoth are two massive six-piston ISR callipers mounted radially on the fork, and a four-piston calliper for the rear. The rake has gone down to 27.5 degrees (from 32.7 on R18), and the wheelbase has gone down to 1549.4mm, both of which should make it more fun around the corners. 

BMW R20 Design

The R20 is quite a looker, and has to be, considering it’s a concept. The (single) seat is made of Alcantara leather, and integrates the tail light, giving this a quintessential compact roadster appeal. The headlight cluster is a very modern take on the round, retro styling, consisting of circular LED DRLs which surround the LED headlight. Though, the lack of mirrors, emissions and sound compliance components, and number plate holders is worth mentioning, since form takes precedence over function in a concept.

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BMW R20 Price

Well, since this is a concept, it obviously doesn’t have a price tag. However, there is a good chance that this will hit the production line with some changes. This is hinted at by the ‘Concept’ suffix in the title, instead of ‘Vision’, as all the Concept badged motorcycles in the recent past have made it to production. So we wouldn’t be surprised if BMW launches the production-spec version of the R20 sometime in 2025. 

BMW R20 India Launch

BMW has brought in almost all of their new motorcycles to India, and there are chances that a handful of these bikes will make it here after its launch, possibly by the end of 2025. And, as it goes without saying, it won’t be affordable in any sense of the term.

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