MG To Install 1,000 Public Chargers In Indian Residential Areas Under MG Charge Venture

The AC fast chargers will be compatible with all EVs that have a Type 2 charging port

MG Motor has announced a new program, under which it’ll provide AC fast chargers in residential areas across the country. The carmaker will collaborate with resident welfare associations (RWAs) and multiple EV charging companies for the ‘MG Charge’ venture to install 1,000 chargers in 1,000 days. Each of these AC chargers will be operational around the clock and available for charging any electric vehicle (EV) with a Type 2 AC charging port. 

MG is working with companies such as Echargebays, Electreefi and Exicom for MG Charge. These public chargers will be sim enabled and supported by a remote Charger Management System. Common AC fast chargers provide 7kW to 11kW of alternating current, enough to charge a ZS EV within six to eight hours. The upcoming 2022 MG ZS EV has a larger 51kWh battery that takes a claimed eight hours to charge using a 7kW charger. 

The carmaker expects that the new program will encourage more people to buy an electric vehicle. “With the launch of MG Charge, we will bring increased convenience and address the charging concern of the customers, encouraging more to adopt the EV lifestyle,” says Rajeev Chaba, the President and Managing Director of MG India. 

Similar to electric car makers, MG provides one free home AC wallbox with each new ZS EV. The pre-facelift electric SUV offers a 419km claimed range, but its replacement could report a better number, since it has already been tested on the WLTP cycle for a range of 428km (city). 

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Currently, the ZS EV accepts a peak DC charging rate of 50kW, at which you can juice up the electric SUV in 50 minutes. The upcoming ZS EV is expected to support up to 100kW DC fast charging, at which an 80 percent charge comes in just 36 minutes (claimed). 

For now, only AC chargers are expected to be installed under the MG Charge Program. Nevertheless, they are likely to be useful for used EV owners, and even for travellers looking for a safe place to charge their electric car away from home. MG will launch the ZS EV on 7 March, and dealerships are currently taking pre-launch bookings.

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