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  • Q. Which is the best bike in mileage, looks, low maintenance for sales and marketing purpose?
    Debaditya | 3 months ago

    @ debu | FZS 150

    Gixxer sf

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  • Q. Hi ,is the bike good what about engine and brakes they are safer or not bcoz it comes with single channel abs ,looks are too bad or good and last what about mileage - Xtreme 200R?
    Mohamed | 1 year ago

    Yes bro engine has good pickup and very smooth but not like ktm or ns 200, is better than pulsar 150. Apache 160 my personal it's good competition for 150- 160 cc bikes. as well as single channel abs system in this bike when I apply I felt not so good same time not bad i am satisfied with this.

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  • Q. What is single channel ABS and what exact use for ABS - Xtreme 200R?
    Zigwheels | 9 months ago

    If a break is applied on a bike without ABS then the brakes would generally jam which leads to the wheel to skid, here the control of the bike is lost from the hands of the rider. However, the bikes with anti-lock braking system act differently as the ABS system do no let the wheels jammed while the rider applies brakes, instead it applies brakes with a particular pressure and in regular intervals so that the wheel slowly comes to halt. This helps the rider to control the bike in emergency situations. It is basically a smart safety system. The single-channel ABS basically means that the Anti-lock braking system of the bike is associated with only one well rather front wheel or the back wheel. In the dual channel, ABS both the wheels are linked to the antilock braking system which gets activated when the brake is applied.

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  • Q. Kya eyh bike duble channel ABS me aati hay - Xtreme 200R?
    Shiju | 1 week ago

    Nope maybe could be available in the future

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  • Q. Can Xtreme is useful for long rides or trips and any changes in 2019 edition?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    Yes, the seating stance is on the sportier side, with rear-set footpegs and a slightly low-set handlebar. But it doesn’t feel too committed a posture. It’s something that will feel great for the daily commute and will be just as at home on a quick jaunt over a twisty mountain road. Plus the 790mm saddle height is low enough to put short riders at ease, while the contoured single-piece seat is accommodating enough for riders of all sizes. Moreover, as of now, there is no news regarding any update in this bike.

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  • Q. Is It better than TVS Apache RTR200 & does it have 4Valve - Xtreme 200R?
    Kumar | 4 months ago


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    Q. Does Hero Xtreme 200R have ABS or not?
    A. Yes, Single Channel ABS is available on Hero Xtreme 200R.
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