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Revolt RV400
Revolt RV400
Rs. 1.38 Lakh
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Revolt RV400 User Reviews

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  • Exploring the Revolt RV 400

    The RV 400 by Revolt is an incredible electric motorcycle that completely redraws the idea of urban commuting by virtue of its mix of technological leadership, performance, and price affordability. This unique electric motorcycle is a strikingly designed and newly built model that is top of the line in the segment of electric bike market. It is the main power of this sport vehicle that is based on a powerful electric motor which provides a great dose of torque and an effortless acceleration that will make your ride speedy and exciting. By adding a human like behavior to its riding modes, it connects to the cell phones of riders and provides onboard diagnostics, this make motorcycling more convenient and flexible to them. Revolution RV 400 is the appropriate option especially to riders who bother about the green generation as they seek a highly tech and eco-friendly commuting mode for the daily trips.

  • Unique and Practical Electric Bike

    "The journey of being electric with the Revolt RV 400 has been revolutionary. The road price lets it be an affordable choice among the environmentally friendly riders. This impressive mileage enables you to undertake long journeys without experiencing range anxiety. The performance is great offering this car fuel-efficient, fast or a smooth ride. The retro design draws attention, but comfort comes in the form of a wide, ergonomic seat. The engine is electric and is good for instant power plus safety features offering a holistic journey like a home. "

  • RV 400 eco-friendly charm

    I have use­d the Revolt RV 400 ele­ctric bike. It was an interesting e­xperience! This bike­ runs on electricity, not gas. This makes it good for the­ environment. The RV 400 is one­ of the cheapest e­lectric bikes you can buy. Because­ of this, more people can afford it. Whe­n you ride the RV 400, it goes fast from a stop. It also make­s no sound as you ride. These things make­ it easy to get around cities. Howe­ver, the battery doe­s not last very long on one charge. You may run out of powe­r on longer trips. Also, there are­ not many places to charge the batte­ry. Even with these proble­ms, the RV 400 is still a good choice. It costs less than othe­r electric bikes. It looks nice­. And it does not make any pollution.

  • 1.0
    Bad company

    Pls don't buy this piece of scrap.Companies motto only sale no service.Never ever call there customer care otherwise you will break your head.Never ask for any spare part.Because they don't have any thing.Cheaters, Frauds, Crooks three words explain them.

  • The Electric Revolution

    The Revolt RV 400 is a game-changer because it is not just an electric motorcycle that gives pleasure without any carbon footprint but it is also an exhilarating riding experience while at the same time environmentally friendly. Fitted with a high capacity power pack and the capability to churn out its full power right away, the electric motor surges through the urban streets in a fast and silent ride. The defining feature of the model is its futuristic and daring design, accompanied by the premium features like standard LED lights, digital instruments and smartphone connectivity that are not usual for the non-electric counterparts.

  • Electric Revolution on Wheels

    The electric version of the RV 400 manufactured by Revolt is a green wave of wheels, providing pollution free riding with no sacrifice not being on the performance. Powered by electric motor, the bike provides instantaneous torque and stable acceleration. These features are great for city rides when one needs good battery life or low fuel consumption. Its futuristic design with AI ride analytics and smartphone connection reflect various options instead of just driving a car, which changes the commuting experience. With its swappable batteries and range-extender option; the Revolt RV 400 guarantees problem-free ride and runs.

  • Revolutionizing City Riding with Electric Excellen

    Experience a revolution in civic riding with the riot caravan 400, that's pushed by unusual electric interpretation. Its ultramodern Trendy and slice- chunk technology transfigure civic transportation, furnishing an instigative but environmentally responsible ride. The robust system and nimble jogging assure a snug and geared up carry, whilst the Modern capabilities and canny connection ameliorate the whole enjoy. The caravan four hundred is in addition than exclusively a bike, with its slice- chunk Trendy and environmentally aware mind-set; it's an hallmark of enhancement and a window into the future of transportation.

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