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  • User Review of Revolt Motors RV400

    Shared by Anuj Goyal

    Revolt is worst service provider i have seen so far.I bought revolt rv400 in nov, 2024 and there are several issue occurred but no one provide better guidance on parts and company support system is worst.

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  • Question about Revolt Motors RV400

    Asked by Sanjay Dixit
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    Recently all electric scooter launch which are updated with lithium batteries can be charge with a cost of 20-25 per charge

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  • Question about Revolt Motors RV400

    Asked by Babukumar K
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  • Expert Review of Revolt Motors RV400

    4 years ago

    Revolt RV400 First Ride Review

    Can India’s first electric motorcycle, the ...Read More

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    Mangesh Awasekar
    Mangesh Awasekar

    Pricing is amazing and warranty on tyres+battery unbelievable...long way too go for such a wonderful bike..

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  • Video of Revolt Motors RV400

    1 year ago
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  • Latest News of Revolt Motors RV400

    2 months ago
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