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Rs. 1.99 lakh
Discontinued Model since 31 Dec 2017

About Royal Enfield Continental GT

The continental GT is the one bike from Royal Enfield that everyone has been waiting for. With a fantastic price to boot, expect the Continental GT to sell in Huge numbers.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Overview

Under the new GST tax structure prices for bikes abobe 350cc has witnessed an increase of one per cent in tax. This has resulted in the Royal Enfield Continental GT costing Rs 200 to Rs 500 more depending on the state of purchase.

The Continental GT is Royal Enfield’s lightest and most powerful production motorcycle currently on sale in India. The cafe-race design make the bike look like a million bucks and the 535cc fuel-injected engine makes sure it has the go to match its show. The chassis, designed by Harris Performance, blesses the motorcycle with optimal stiffness and helps it handle like a dream. The clip-on handlebars egg you to expand your riding skills further and overall, this Royal Enfield will delight you like no other bike from the brand does.

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Royal Enfield Continental GT Expert Reviews

Straight modern blast from the past seems an anachronism but it best illustrates how well Royal Enfield has conjured up its first all-new motorcycle in over 60 years! Adil Jal Darukhanawala swings a leg aboard one of the very first of these biggest of big Indian singles to put the spanking new and absolutely smashing Continental GTs thru its paces at Brooklands, the spiritual home of British motorsport and beyond. Say hello to a delightfully modern take to classic motorcycling charmingly packed with useable performance for the now and here

September 29, 2013  By Adil Jal Darukhanawala Photography: Kunal Khadse

We take a spin on the new Continental GT across some scenic roads in Goa to put to test Royal Enfield's new cafe racer offering

December 8, 2013  By Arun Mohan Nadar Photography: Kartik Sadekar