Get rid of mouldy smell from your car

In the monsoons car interiors are prone to a mouldy odour; here are some tips on how to avoid and remove it


Car odour




The monsoons mean muddy shoes, wet seats and floors that cause a mouldy odour inside your car. Here are some tips to prevent/remove the odour. 




Keep your car interior clean and dry. That’s the first and easiest preventive measure to keep odour at bay. Ideally, internal cleaning should be practiced as a daily chore. 

Make sure your windows and doors are shut properly when you drive and when you park the car. 


Switch the a/c off and let the engine run for some time before you switch it off. This helps the condenser switch off normally and lets the air in the pipes reach the ambient temperature, which stops microbes from exploiting the cool temperature. Use the heater, if the a/c is equipped with it, for about a minute or so to make sure the system is dried properly. 


Make sure there are no leakages as water that seeps in is soaked by the carpet which becomes the breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Replace old and worn rubber floor seals as they can let in water. Make sure the rubber seals along the doors and windows are in place. Also, ensure there are no leakages into the car from anywhere. This has to be done before the monsoon starts. 


It may be a good idea to put a container of desiccating agent like silica gel inside the car. You can also buy a sheet of thick rough absorbent paper from the market, cut it into pieces and place it over your foot mats. This will absorb all the water that comes in from your shoes. The paper can later be replaced.


Removing the odour


Dry wet seats, carpets and upholstery immediately to prevent bacteria and fungi growth. Use newspapers to soak up moisture. Remove wet carpets and seats and air them. Use a hair-dryer to dry wet spots. Use absorbent materials to soak up moisture. 


Use a commercial odour absorber or enzyme cleaner if odour remains. Clean air conditioner vents with a cotton swab dipped in window cleaner. To remove mildew from your air- conditioning system, run the heater full blast for 10 minutes with the windows open. 


If that doesn’t work, use an odour neutralising spray; Switch the car on, switch the air-conditioner on and set it on ‘fresh air’ mode which lets in air from the a/c intake fan. After a minute or so turn the heater on and repeat the process.



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