Set your budget? Now research about your car

After setting your budget and finance options, it is imperative that you research your car if it fulfills all your needs. Here's how!




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Jumping into buying a car without doing proper research is like gambling. A well researched car fits all your requirements and fetches you a higher resale value since it can be maintained easily as you have set your budget on it. However, what if a car is not researched well? It may become more of a hassle than convenience. Here are a few suggestions for buyers who want to research about their car before buying.

Test drive?

Make this as a thumb rule. Always test drive the car you want to buy. Do not indulge in impulse buying. Also test competitors in the market as they may offer more. If you are looking at a driver’s car and the vehicle does not turn out to be so, it will surely not fit your needs.

What do you need?

How much boot space is needed on a daily basis? How many people will usually sit? Do I need more space? Diesel or petrol? What road conditions will I drive it on? A car with more boot space is for a large family that travels on a daily basis. In this category, Sedans and SUV/MPV are ideal as they have large boot space. The second question – if you need more space is also solved by three boxes and big vehicles. If you have more than four passengers travelling on a daily basis to work or for daily errands or work, a big car is ideal for you, otherwise a hatchback is a good option. While at it, also consider how many kilometres will you run the car because buying a diesel vehicle for short commutes is not a value-for-money proposition. Also consider a CNG variant if diesel is more than your set budget. Road conditions also decide if you want a sedan, hatchback or an SUV. While maintaining an SUV is expensive, they are very effective on rough roads and make you ride reasonably comfortable unlike hatchbacks. However, in case of a smooth stretch of tarmac, one can look into a hatchback or a sedan.

Advice from friends and family?

Always take your friends’ and family’s advice into consideration as word-of-mouth is the best verdict and family can help you narrow down the segment you are looking at. While they may not be experts or professional reviewers, their opinion is the best way to know what is good and bad in a car.

Reviews from experts?

Reviews from experts will give you a detailed insight on the cheers in a car. It gives you a vehicle’s practicality and comparison with others. Also, what a dealer will not tell you, the experts will – a particular model’s disadvantages.

Waiting period?

Check for the waiting period on a particular model so that all your calculations of EMI/cash down, usability of the existing vehicle, wear and tear of your current car/bike, so that while waiting for your new car, you do not spend much on the old one. Diesel vehicles have a higher waiting period because of higher running cost of petrol for long distances.

The above points will help you narrow down your vehicle and researching is the best practice to know what car you want to buy.


TIP: If you are very particular about safety, always buy a sedan which is a three-box structure and the strongest when compared to a hatchback or van. Even in the sedan, do not forget to wear your safety belt in the rear seat.

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