Finding the right dealer for your new car purchase

Dealerships differ vastly from one another, even if located on the same street. Here's what sets them apart

Car dealer vs dealer

Dealerships are present in different shapes and sizes depending on their location and the automobile brand they play host to. But dealerships essentially work under the same guiding principle of not just selling the cars in their glass walled showrooms but earning as high a commission as the consumers pocket allows.

It’s business no doubt, but quality of service, financing options made available to you, technical support and availability of parts are among the many constituents that should influence your purchase deciision at any dealership, and yes, they do differ vastly from one another, even if located on the same street.

So in order to secure the best price for your car, it's important you are first well-aversed with the exact market value of your desired vehicle. The next step will be to compare the benefits and after sales services being offered by various city dealers for selling you the same vehicle. Negotiating for better accessories, low cost service packages and extended warranty will help you gain maximum mileage on your car purchase.


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