Range Rover Review: One Car To Rule Them All

  • Jan 6, 2023
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The big boy Range Rover is back in a form which is as appealing as its function.

For a minute, let your imagination run wild. Draw the perfect car in your mind. One that has all the ingredients you need -- like good looks, performance, handling, luxury, features, tech, space for friends and family and, of course, ground clearance and off-road compatibility for any wanderlust moments. What you are imagining now, my friend is the 2022 Range Rover.


Most supermodels prefer to be shot from a particular angle and in certain lights. This Range Rover model, however, looks fantastic in every possible situation. Just take out your camera phone and take a picture in the parking lot, market, on roads or mountains - and it looks graceful as ever. The big bonnet, smooth sides and beautifully carved rear will make you admire this SUV every time you look at it.

Despite being one of the most squared-off SUVs on sale, RR has managed to not give it a single sharp crease. Everything is rounded off in a beautiful manner and the panel gaps and shut lines are so neat that the Range Rover feels seamless - almost like a concept car. And this smoothness, combined with its massive size, makes it look like a luxury yacht. A yacht on 22-inch wheels.

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Like the smooth bodywork, even the lights blend in with the design. Especially the taillamps -- they remain satin black till the red comes on, and the way it lights up is mesmerizing. I have nothing more to say about the RRs looks other than you can park it outside your office or living room and use it as an aesthetic piece of art instead.

The Definition of Class

Our job lets us experience the most cutting-edge tech and luxury in cars. Currently - these titles are held by it's the Porsche Tycan and the Mercedes EQS AMG 53 -- both being a blend of tech and opulence. The Range Rover is as techy, if not more -- but masks it under a thick skin of leather and class. The cabin gives a very warm cottage feel and every single panel and element you will touch is crafted to stroke your ego.

As a theme, it’s simplicity over snowboarding. Hence, the dashboard is clean with just the infotainment and two climate control dials. The steering is the most elegant one I have seen in a modern car and everything is wrapped in a classy shade - beige, black or silver.

There are a plethora of features as well. The ones I enjoyed the most were the 24-way heated and cooled massage electric front seats, the Meridian surround sound system and the detail of the 360-degree camera.

Befitting Royalty

The rear seat of the Range Rover is where the owners will spend most of their time and it's been crafted with care. The recliners are well-padded and super comfortable. They can recline, have an ottoman and also offer a massage function. Plus, the thick carpet on the flat floor makes it seem like the seats are in a living room, and not in an SUV.

And here, everything is electronic. The armrest folds down at the touch of a button -- which has a touchscreen to further control the seat, climate, media and lighting functions. However, during our drive, the armrest did not function and hence we could not experience this. The armrest also extends further to open up cup holders for the rear passengers, but we had to carry our coffee in our hands. And then, it begs the question -- is all that electrification really necessary? Because it brings with it more maintenance.

Overall, the Range Rover’s boss seat experience is for someone who wants the features and comfort of the best in the world but with an air of class and sophistication, and not trendy and loud.

The Autobiography also has a Tailgate Suit function, which basically opens up the lower portion of the tailgate and lowers the rear air suspension for you to sit there and enjoy the view. If you are one of the very few people who would like to take the Rover to these scenic locations, this one feature will certainly be the highlight.

Drives Like A Yacht

Even in this regard, the Rover is a Yacht on wheels. The 3-litre petrol motor makes 400PS of power and 550Nm of torque. And this makes driving this 3.3-tonne SUV effortless. Get on the gas and the Rover starts to drive like any other luxury SUV. The motor is super refined and barely any engine note creeps inside the cabin at idle. The power delivery is a bit muted in Eco and Comfort drive modes to keep it as seamless as possible for the occupants.

However, put it in Sport and the big boy Rover starts to move. The acceleration squats the rear suspension and the SUV is usually the quickest thing on the road. The claimed 0-100kmph time of 5.8 seconds is believable and the top speed is limited to 234kmph. The SUV is very capable of quick overtakes and easily accelerates for gaps, but it is challenging to find a spot long enough to squeeze it in.

The off-road tech on board the Rover is probably the best in the world. It comes from the brand’s Land Rover heritage and also Range Rover’s experience in making off-roading as comfortable and easy as possible. The Ranger rover gets a lot of clearance which can be further raised to tackle the really bad stuff; and as a result, going off the road, the Rover is as comfortable as on the road.

As Comfortable As it looks

One will surely have preconceived notions about this luxury SUV and its comfort. And I am here to testify that they are indeed true. The air suspension deals with the Indian road conditions well and makes the SUV float over the bad stuff. This does result in the ride feeling a bit wavy on highways, but it feels very well suited to the city. You can switch to Sport for better handling but then you start to feel the imperfection on the road and the suspension gets more audible. Comfort mode is the sweet spot for most of the commuting, while Sport feels more stable on the highways.


There are 50 varieties of the Range Rover on sale. Yes, 50. The One we are driving is the long wheelbase Autobiography fiveseater priced at Rs 3.16 crore, ex-showroom. Picking one can be a pickle.


The Range Rover is truly one SUV to rule them all. It packs in luxury by the tonne, is old-school in its opulence, very comfortable and loaded with tech at the same time. And the way it looks can make heads turn in any setting. The only real complaint I have from it is that there is too much automation which adds to maintenance and sometimes feels over the top. Also, too many variants will have customers lost in a sea of options. The Range Rover is a strong rival for the Maybachs - both the sedan and the SUV - and offers a very unique blend of sophistication, class and tech in the market.

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