Twenty Two Motors And Kymco Enter Partnership In India

Under the alliance, Kymco will bring in its electric arm - Ionex and Ionex Commercial

Kymco 22Motors partnership

Taiwanese two-wheeler major Kymco has announced its partnership with Indian electric startup Twenty Two Motors. The two companies will be sharing knowledge, technology and expertise to provide premium electric mobility solutions in the country.

The partnership allows Kymco to bring forth their electric sub brands - Ionex and Ionex-Commercial to India, marking the Taiwan-based company’s entry into the country. Ionex is a brand that’s known for its electric scooters with swappable batteries whereas Ionex Commercial on the other hand offers commercial entities electric vehicles, charging facilities, removable batteries and advanced IT systems (such as cloud-based EV infrastructure operating system, applications for electric vehicles, batteries and charging facilities). The company will help empower businesses as well as government agencies to enhance their productivity using electric mobility solutions.

The Flow was Twenty Two Motors’ first electric scooter, which was launched in the country in February this year. The biggest barrier for electric mobility is battery technology. However, with this partnership, the scooter is enhanced considerably with Ionex technological solutions. In its new avatar, the Flow features removable Ionex lithium batteries that are waterproof, lightweight and are easy to swap as well. The scooter employs two of these for a combined range of 160km, and these can be charged up to 70 per cent in an hour. Further enhancing the range is a fixed reserve battery that offers up to 20km range for emergency use. This brings the total range to 180km, which is ample for an electric scooter to commute in the city!

Twenty Two Motors KYMCO scooters

Commenting on the partnership, Parveen Kharb, CEO and co-founder, Twenty Two Motors said “Our association will further strengthen our existing expertise which enables us to fulfil our commitment to facilitate the Indian customers with the most innovative and powerful, smart EV vehicles,” Allen Ko,chairman, Kymco said, “While Ionex enables consumers to go electric without compromise, businesses and governments need to have reliable solutions for charging stations, removable batteries and related IT support systems before they opt for EVs.And therefore, Ionex Commercial is here to provide a total package to empower and enable all businesses and governments to adopt premium electric mobility”.

This partnership will help Twenty Two Motors gain technological know-how from a seasoned brand like Kymco, that’s experienced in the electric mobility industry. Moreover, the partnership could also enhance / optimise Twenty Two’s cloud-based app, software for battery management and the like. Apart from the upcoming Flow, the brand also plans to launch two-wheelers from Kymco qiat Twenty Two Kymco Experience Store in New Delhi from early 2019, followed by Gurgaon, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore soon afterwards.


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