Skoda Kodiaq RS Will Get ‘Dynamic Sound Boost’

That means it’ll play fake engine sounds through the car’s audio system

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Skoda Kodiaq RS


We’re not sure if we’re too kicked about that. It’s been a point of contention ever since BMW made it mainstream with the F10 M5. However, we don’t really blame them, following up the howling E60 V10 is really, really tough after all. But wait! This isn’t about BMW. This is about a Skoda. And a diesel Skoda at that. If you’ve been in one, you know they can get a bit, erm... vocal when they put the ponies down.

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But dare we say that the diesel grumble is quite enjoyable. If you take a look at the video clip that Skoda has shared, it sounds almost muscle car-like. We guess it’s a good way to enjoy the sound without worrying about the cost of petrol! That said, the engine under the bonnet of the Kodiaq RS is no meek diesel. It’s the flagship among VW’s 2.0-litre diesel engines. Slapped with not one, but two turbochargers, the BiTDi engine makes 240PS of power. While Skoda hasn’t given us the torque figure yet, we expect it to be around 500Nm. Egad! Of course, all of this will be sent to all four wheels via a DSG.

Skoda Kodiaq RS Instrument Cluster


Skoda also says that the Kodiaq RS’ virtual cockpit will feature a new ‘Sport’ mode. This will see the rev counter take centre stage, just like on the Audi R8. Fancy. The other piece of information Skoda has dropped is the fact that the Kodiaq RS will be available in Race Blue. Yep, that’s the same shade you see on the Octavia RS, and it’s a first for any Skoda SUV, ever.

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Okay, we’ll zip it now. Take a look at the video:


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