Hyundai Venue Vs MG Hector - Connected Features Compared

While both the SUVs are racing to become the first connected SUV of the country, we dive deep in the feature list to bring out the difference in the two systems.

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Blue Link Vs iSMART

MG Motor was planning to make its upcoming SUV - the Hector the first ‘internet car’ of the country with its iSmart infotainment system. But, Hyundai then decided to spoil the party by planning to launch the all-new Venue SUV with its Blue Link system on May 21. While the launch date of the Hector is still not revealed, we know that MG is also planning to launch it in the month of June. Nevertheless, our focus today is purely on the connected features the SUV are offering in the market. So first let's understand what is meant by ‘connected features’


Features which allow your car to communicate with an external server are called connected features. These work via an M2M network provided by an embedded eSIM in the infotainment unit. Hence, the infotainment system of the car remains connected to the server without any external requirement. This allows the user to remotely monitor the vehicle and control certain aspects and features via a mobile application.

Blue Link Vs MG iSMART

Both the Hector and the Venue have a lot of features in common like the remote engine start/stop which also enables the car to start the air conditioning unit so that you enter a cool cabin. Both cars can also play a vital role in an emergency as the system can inform the server in case of an accident and generate an emergency response with the concerned authorities. Moreover, both the cars feature an AI based voice assistant with whom you can talk-to to make calls and set navigation destinations. Navigation routes and destination can also be set on the phone and sent to the car. Have a look at the key common features of the two.

  • Voice Assisted Calling
  • Real-Time Vehicle Tracking
  • Voice Assisted Navigation
  • Push Maps from App
  • Live Traffic Information
  • Geo-Fence
  • Remote Engine Start/Stop
  • Auto Crash Notification
  • Remote Climate Control
  • SOS / Emergency Assistance
  • Remote Door Lock/Unlock
  • RSA (Roadside Assistance)
  • Find My Car location
  • Driving Behaviour / Information

While the basic features remain the same, Hector’s iSMART system gets a few additional bells and whistles like;

  • The voice assistant can be used to control functions like climate control, windows and sunroof.
  • Free Gaana Premium and Accuweather accounts.
  • Tyre pressure information along with the vehicle stats on your phone application.
  • 5G upgradable eSIM
  • TomTom Navigation
Hyundai Venue

In the Venue, however, exclusive features are a bit less, which is justifiable given its lower price point. The unique features in the Venue include;

  • Emergency assistance buttons on the IRVM for a quick response.
  • Remote control for horn and lights
  • Connected features free for the first three years

The Venue is expected to be topped off at Rs 12 lakh and will rival the likes of the Maruti Brezza and Tata Nexon. The Hector’s flagship variant is expected to cost Rs 20 lakh and will rival the Jeep Compass and the Tata Herrier. Which of these two are you more looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Partha | 5 months ago Engine capacity, power, fuel etc are not being mentioned in this report, hence the comparison is incomplete 2 Reply
    P. | 5 months ago I an impressed with MG Hector features. However I am hesitant to buy because the company is new to India and its service network 0 Reply

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