Honda City CVT vs Hyundai Verna CVT: Performance And Fuel Efficiency Compared

  • Jul 26, 2021
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The City CVT and Verna CVT’s specification might not be the most exciting on paper. But which one is faster and more frugal?

The Hyundai Verna and Honda City have always been traditional rivals for quite a while now. They offer a decent in-cabin experience, a lengthy features list, and adequate space for four people. But which one should you pick when it comes to performance and fuel efficiency?

To find that out, we put the petrol-CVT variants of both models for a detailed road test. Sure, the Verna’s 1-litre turbo-petrol and the City’s 1.5-litre petrol-MT powertrain would be the obvious pick for the enthusiast. 

But we had the City CVT in hand and wanted to keep this test fair. Therefore, the reason for picking the Verna CVT is self explanatory. 


Technical Specifications

Honda City

Hyundai Verna


1.5-litre Petrol

1.5-litre Petrol

Power (PS)



Torque (Nm)



Transmission Option




On paper, the Verna’s engine is 6PS less than the City’s. However, both models develop a near identical torque output. How does this translate in the real world? Read on to find out:



Honda City

Hyundai Verna


12.74 seconds*

12.57 seconds

Kickdown (20-80kmph)

7.25 second*

7.21 seconds

*Tested in wet conditions


Despite testing the City in wet conditions where traction is poorer, it managed to post a time that’s just a whisker shy from the Verna’s 12.57 seconds in the 0-100kmph run. Also, both models posted a near identical timing during kickdown acceleration as well. 

So in the real world with perfect weather conditions, both models should have a near identical timing.

Fuel Efficiency


Honda City

Hyundai Verna







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In terms of fuel efficiency, the Honda City returned around 16.28kmpl in town and 20.62kmpl on the highway. Unfortunately, we couldn’t test the Verna for fuel efficiency. But we expect the numbers to be very close to the benchmark set by the City. We will update this space once we get our hands on the sedan. 

Price And Verdict


Honda City CVT

Hyundai Verna CVT

Ex-showroom Price

Rs 12.40 lakh to Rs 14.75 lakh

Rs 12.20 lakh to Rs 14.10 lakh 

Both models are very close when it comes to performance and fuel efficiency. Heck, even the price is almost the same, with the new City commanding a slight premium. At the end, it all drops down to looks, features, quality, and space. And to find out which one did better in those aspects, we suggest you read our detailed City vs Verna comparison report

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