Ford Endeavour 3.2-litre vs 2.0-litre AT 4X4: Has Downsizing Robbed The Fun?

The less powerful Endy’s 2.0-litre engine would be slower, right? You might be in for a surprise


During the transition to BS6 emission norms, Ford replaced the Endeavour’s 3.2-litre and 2.2-litre diesel engines for a new 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel motor. The new engine was more powerful than the 2.2-litre unit, but it isn’t a match for the larger 3.2-litre unit. That said, specifications tell only one part of the story. 

The reality can be found out when we put both the models for a detailed road test. And that’s what we did, pitting both the 4x4 models for a performance and fuel efficiency run. Can the smaller diesel engine match the chops of the larger 3.2-litre unit? Let’s find out.  

Spec Check


Ford Endeavour 3.2-litre AT


Ford Endeavour 2.0-litre AT


3.2-litre five cylinder diesel

2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel

Power (PS)



Torque (Nm)



Transmission Option

6-speed automatic

10-speed automatic


Four-wheel drive

Rear-wheel drive / All-wheel drive


On paper, the Endeavour’s 2.0-litre engine falls short on a substantial 30PS and 50Nm when compared to the older model. However, it now features an India-first 10-speed automatic transmission when compared to the 6-speed unit that was offered earlier. 

In fact, the new transmission is capable of skipping ratios (i.e 1 to 3 to 5 and vice versa) while making gentle progress. But how does it fare when driven hard? Read on to find out:

Performance Runs


Ford Endeavour 3.2-litre AT


Ford Endeavour 2.0-litre AT


11.70 seconds

11.68 seconds

20-80kmph (Kickdown)

6.81 seconds

7.17 seconds


The Endy has proved the “no replacement for displacement” phrase wrong. Despite the power deficit, the BS6 model managed to edge out the 3.2-litre unit by a whisker. However, the 50Nm torque disadvantage in the BS6 Endy means it’s slower in the 20-80kmph kickdown acceleration run.  

At The Pump


Ford Endeavour 3.2-litre AT


Ford Endeavour 2.0-litre AT








The BS6 Endeavour with its superior fuel efficiency covers more ground in a single tank of fuel. While the difference between both models isn’t significant in the city, the BS6 SUV manages to better the older model by 2.3kmpl on the highway. 



Ford Endeavour 3.2-litre AT


Ford Endeavour 2.0-litre AT

Prices (Ex-showroom)

Rs 34.70 lakh

Rs 29.99 lakh to Rs 36.25 lakh


Though the BS6 Endy comes with a smaller engine (that’s lower on power), the top model is now way more expensive than the BS4 model due to its expensive hardware to meet stringent emission standards. While it might not sound value on paper, the BS6 Endeavour does manage to shine when put through its paces in the real world. To know more about the Endeavour, read our detailed first drive review


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