Damon’s Shapeshifting Electric Motorcycle To Debut In January 2020

The new motorcycle could be one of the safest production bikes ever

 Damon Hypersport Pro To Unveil At CES

  • The Damon Hypersport Pro prototype will debut at the CES 2020 technology show.
  • Its multiple sensors alert the rider of objects around the motorcycle via haptic feedback.
  • The variable riding position lets it switch from a sportsbike to an upright tourer.


Damon Motorcycles has announced that it will be unveiling the Hypersport Pro electric motorcycle prototype at the upcoming CES 2020 tech show. The Canadian electric start-up has been working on an electric motorcycle that offers unique safety and comfort features.  

Damon Hypersport Pro To Unveil At CES

Damon has developed a new AI-based safety ecosystem that uses a 360-degree sensor. According to Damon, the sensor can detect variables such as direction, speed, acceleration and deceleration of upto 64 objects around the motorcycle. These objects could be cars, cyclists, pedestrians or even a dog crossing the road. The AI detects the objects and relays potential collision warning information to the rider via haptic feedback through the handlebars and LED lights on the corner of the windscreen. The feedback will be light enough to alert the rider without distracting him from riding.  

Damon Hypersport Pro To Unveil At CES

The other innovative feature is the variable seating adjustment. Honda and Kawasaki have been working on variable seating position as well. On the Hypersport Pro, you will be able to change riding positions on the go. Parts of the motorcycle like the windscreen, handlebars and footpegs change position together. So you can switch riding positions from a sportbike to a sports tourer to a commuter with the push of a button. 

Damon Hypersport Pro To Unveil At CES

While Damon has not revealed much about what powers the bike, it has stated that the electric powertrain will be an all-new unit. We expect the new electric motorcycle to offer serious performance to rival the likes of electric motorcycles from Energica and Zero.

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