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  • Q. Does Renault Triber's 1000cc engine is good enough, for its size driving in hilly areas with AC on and does it affect the engine life, how do you rate this car compared to other 7 seater cars including new Maruti XL6, given its low price.
    Manav | 4 months ago

    I own a triber and travelled to more than 7 hill stations in kerala and tamil nadu with seven adult passengers and some baggages. I didnt remember a single power lag or underpower in each hairpins, steep offroads etc. Not only that i usually put my ac on. This is dual vvt energy engine which generates maximum power even in lower rpms. Not like delicate wagon r K10 b 1000cc engine for the purpose of mileage adding fragile weightless body. That is why triber acquired 4 stars in Global NCAP crash safety tests while swift and wagon got mere 2 stars!!!!. Renault company knows well about the engine required for adequate pickup for a car with full load occupancy. Also it has roaring power and speed in highways. Omni 800, eeco, maruti 800, nano climbed hills easily then why cant triber with energy engine with more bhp and torque do??? This is blind believers especially maruti outdated tradition guys spreading negative information that triber is underpowered. Triber costs only 6 lakhs base model on road but ertiga 12 lakhs and innova 22. If you want racing speed just go for ferrari or lamborgini or a Jcb and tractor for awesome pickup. Thats why with its safety, awesome looks, adequate pickup and mileage ultra spacious 7 seats car sold 80000++ units in just one and a half years. Plz don't go for confusing over opinions and negatives who had not even done a single test drive yet!!!! I love my 12 th practical car Triber

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  • Q. Which will be a better pick for a family car between Tata Altroz or Renault Triber. I need features, safety, family car, space , better comfort on bad roads and sufficient engine for comfort performance.
    Punith | 1 year ago

    Renault Triber:- highlight of the car is 7 seater this is the only reason middle class people fall love with this car. Avg mileage is 10 , no safety, avg performance, looks good, uncomfortable for 3rd row passengers (for kids it okay but low quality seats) and 2nd row middle seat is also uncomfortable, spare parts are expensive and they have not done safety test and it is very poor , it is may be 7 seater but car can't claim the hills, flyovers that easily with 7 passengers, it is not that good as Tata and Renault is flop in India , with less mileage and low built up quality, so it risky to buy,it is good in city's and if your traveling monthly 3000Km in traffic areas like Bangalore then buy ertiga, because Renault Triber petrol chargers you can pay Monthly EMI for ertiga.About TATA ALTROZ , good performance, avg 15kmpl mileage, more important safety is 5 Star, good looking, tata company is bad at marketing so many people don't about this car. Tata is our proud Indian company it gives the best value for the Money.

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  • Q. Do you think 72PS power of Renault Triber is sufficient for a 7 seater these days. Is such amount of power is ok for long drives?
    Mohan | 9 months ago

    Space, adequate pickup, mileage is the actual output of triber. Energy dual vvt engine is far better than weak k10 1000cc engine. You get a 7 seater for 6 lakhs base model or if you're greedy go for ertiga and innova and pay 12 lakhs and 22 lakhs. Foolish n blind believers of maruti still stick on outdated models. Triber is trustworthy n once you own it you will love for many reasons especially handsome design

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    • Nice Car in terms of space but low engine performance, heavy lag feels in pickup and power, seating is comfortable but power is very poor

    • Good car ok performance ok middle class car birth date vehicle good performance good mileage and comfort also

    • Ek dam mast gadi h itti km prize and itti behatrin gadi h seven seater all feature available h isliye aap km cost ki gadi ko le sakte

    • One of the worst 7seaters in india.If you want to waste spending your money here it is renault triber#shitashell do not but renault.

    • Don't expect mileage and power.Only looks and cheap.Buy only if you commute daily with 7 people to a movie or a dhaba near you.For anything else, Choose any other car.

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