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  • Q. I want to purchase this automatic car with CNG - Celerio?
    Joshy | 3 weeks ago

    @ Somraj | Automatics with cng are not available as of now.

    You can get factory fitted cng in celario tour H2,vxi models.That comes in manual transmission.

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  • Q. Is Celerio Car comes with Automatic Gear? How did you feel? I am planning to buy Automatic Car. what do you suggest?
    Kumaar | 2 months ago

    Amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing car 30 kilometres chalti hai without AC Sardi mein faayda hi faayda hai bhai

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  • Q. Is it equipped with manual gear shifting - Celerio?
    Mehra | 11 months ago

    Yes dear it comes with both variants mannual or automatic and you can see 50000-60000 price variation in both variants

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  • Q. I wish to know about the advantage of automatic gear in Maruti Celerio?
    Nikhil | 10 months ago

    Helps you manoeuvre city traffic like a pro. Celerio has one of the best automatic transmission among other cars in this category.

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  • Q. I have a Celerio AMT and I would like to know that is it good for the car using hand break while parking in my home, I am taking car out once in a week.
    SergKazHunter | 5 months ago

    What do you mean by parking?is it when you fully stopped car and then use handbrake?........Its ok if you take car once in a week but just 2-3 days turn on your car and give some race

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  • Q. I live in a small township.I need safe driving and minor repairs to be attended by local mechanics (authorised dealers are at least 75 km away!) WHICH IS BETTER Celerio VXI(O) - MT or AMT? THANK YOU
    Nikhil | 1 year ago

    Hi, Good thing about Maruti cars is that any mechanic in India knows how to repair them. Although, I would suggest you can go to local mechanics for some quick fixes. But, please make sure to get your car serviced at least once a year by the authorized service center to keep your car core in check and the car warranty in place. Thanks

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  • Q. What is the difference betbeen celerio vxi and celerio vxi optional I want to buy a celerio car i need a automatic car which car is best for me because i dont know the car feature and etc? Thanks Ajay
    Joshy | 6 days ago

    Optional is a cng plus petrol 30 plus mileage if you want petrol only buy zxi amt as it makes sense all safety features good AMG just above 5 lac.power good in cities.if you need a powerful petrol auto go for alto k10 compromising space but good in highways too. hope you are clear or I confused you more ? clear I feel.

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  • Q. I request your good self to kindly give your valuable suggestion for selecting an AMT car or regular transmission car for my Dad (70+). Presently he is driving Wagon R since 2003. Is it advisable to select AMT over regular transmission because he is habitual of driving regular transmission car and shifting to AMT may be unsafe at this point of time? Is it safe in hilly areas? We have shortlisted AMT version of Santro and Celerio. Further kindly give your valuable suggestion for selecting top trims out of Santro and Celerio in all respect please or may suggest other model/brand/make etc please.
    Zigwheels | 1 month ago

    Firstly, if the major drive is ion city traffic, then you can go for the AMT and is the major drive is on the highways, then we suggest you go for a manual transmission. If we talk about the performance in hilly areas, the Santro would be a little underpowered. Maruti Celerio AMT could be a suitable option as it is offered with 1.0-litre engine with ana ARAI claimed mileage of 23 Kmpl in petrol and 31 Km/kg in CNG. The Celerio has an output power of 67.04BHP. Moreover, you can have a test drive of the cars for a better idea of comfort and drive quality by visiting the nearest dealer in your city. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest dealership and selecting your city accordingly - Dealers.

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  • Q. Is Celerio AMT with BS6?
    Kumaar | 2 months ago

    Celerio automatic vxi

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  • Q. A friend told me on a slope/climb the Celerio stops functioning in the Auto gear and then it's like manual gear please explain.
    S | 1 month ago

    Celerio has never given problems in slopes or hilly drives. I have been using my Celerio AMT for past 5 years and really enjoying the drives whether its plain highways or ghats. In fact I found Celerio AMT more convenient for ramps and slopes because there's no manual clutch/manual gears to handle.

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    More Frequently Asked Questions About Maruti Celerio

    Maruti Celerio Price & Variants FAQs

    Q. Is Maruti Celerio available through CSD canteen?
    A. Yes, Maruti Celerio is available through CSD canteen.
    Q. What are the petrol variants of Maruti Celerio?
    Maruti Celerio is available in 10 Petrol variants, out of which 4 are automatic and 6 are manual. The base Petrol variant Celerio LXI MT starts at Rs. 4.26 lakh. and the top-end Petrol variant Celerio ZXI Optional AMT is priced at Rs. 5.43 lakh.
    Q. What are the manual variants of Maruti Celerio?
    Maruti Celerio is available in 2 Manual variants, out of which all are cng. The base Manual variant Celerio LXI MT starts at Rs. 4.26 lakh and the top-end Manual variant Celerio CNG VXI Optional is priced at Rs. 5.38 lakh.
    Q. What are the top variants of Maruti Celerio?
    A. Maruti Celerio is available in 12 variants:
    LXI MT : Rs. 4.26 lakh
    LXI Optional MT : Rs. 4.35 lakh
    VXI MT : Rs. 4.65 lakh
    VXI Optional MT : Rs. 4.72 lakh
    ZXI MT : Rs. 4.91 lakh
    VXI AMT : Rs. 5.08 lakh
    VXI Optional AMT : Rs. 5.15 lakh
    CNG VXI MT : Rs. 5.30 lakh
    ZXI Optional MT : Rs. 5.31 lakh
    Zxi AMT : Rs. 5.34 lakh
    CNG VXI Optional : Rs. 5.38 lakh
    ZXI Optional AMT : Rs. 5.43 lakh
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