• Q. I am 5ft 2inch is it good for me to buy thunderbird 350?

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    Bob | 2 months ago

    Well points to consider. This bike is very heavy even if you are physically strong your height would be a problem, with stop start riding in traffic I think it would a struggle for you. The best advice I can give you is to go to dealers and sit on one when off stand and see if you think you can handle it.but remember The people at any Enfield showroom want to sell bikes and they MAY not give you honest advice.

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    Ajith | 9 months ago

    No. dude it doesn't suit you.. ofcourse anyone can drive anybike if they really want but problem how much comfortable they will be with it ? that's the question mark .my friend is 5'6 he doesn't feel comfortable in it especially it weighs 192 kg and power delivery is not that good so probably in traffic you will be why did you choose this bike.. so if you like cruiser kind of bike avenger is the perfect cruiser than re bikes .and its so light so it will be so opt for you..or you can even try um bikes.

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    Krishan | 4 months ago

    Riding position of Thunderbird 350 is very good and you enjoyed riding day by day. Thunderbird is superb in terms of balance and comfortable riding, I have Thunderbird 350 and interceptor 650 both but if anyone asked for better riding experience than my answer is Thunderbird only.I covered 550km in single day without tried and much excited while riding.Hight is not a issue as you mentioned but weight of this beast is may be 198kg.Overall prediction for Thunderbird 350 is a very good package.

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    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    Dont let height keep you from getting onto a bike, once you get going you get used to it. And with time you can figure out how to use just one foot to get the job done. for instance - while pushing the bike back while sitting on it takes effort. just hop off and push it back. We would suggest you to take a test ride in order to clear your all doubts. Click on the given link to get your nearest dealership: https://bit.ly/2jv2aXQ

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    Riccky | 1 month ago

    The height doesn't matter actually, if you love the Thunderbird then go for it without any hesitation. it's you and your bike , do not get others opinion in choosing the bike, just get which you love and enjoy...

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    Krutarth | 2 days ago

    Thunderbird 350 is actually for the low hieghted guys as the riding seat is lower than other thunderbird. but for 5 ft 2 inch it may get a bit difficult to ride it.

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    Moorthy | 1 year ago

    Yes you can drive the bike but you must to balance bike while get in and out , bcoz it’s quire heavy and little higher in height to climb up not like any other bike . Once u get on the road u r the king or queen . Make sure you hold firmly and boldly . Enjoy

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    Athul | 4 months ago

    My friend is 5ft 3inches,and he is okay with the bike. It is heavier than the classic,and a bit demanding in rainy conditions. Since the seat is a bit low, keeping your foot down shouldn't be a problem. Try a test ride. I think you'll be fine.

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    Harbrinder | 4 months ago

    Not recommended. Handling and keeping your both foot down will be little difficult for you, no doubts its a heavy machine and need firm foot to control on standstill. Consider Jawa 42, Jawa Classic, Bajaj Avenger, UM Commando

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    Pravin | 10 months ago

    According to my opinion... Ur height won't be much of a problem... The weight of the bike plays a part... If u are able to comfortably drive the bike go for it... In my opinion it's better u go for the classic!!!!

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